President Biden Greet Hundreds of Kids on Take Our Kids to Work Day

by Joshua Brown
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President Joe Biden welcomed lots of kids at the White House on Thursday for Take Our Kids to Work Day and answered their questions about his breakfast and what he does all day. Biden also shared a funny response to one question, saying he might be the most “boring” president ever since people know him mostly because of his Ray-Ban sunglasses and his love of chocolate chip ice cream.

This morning, he had a delicious breakfast of scrambled egg and bacon croissant sandwich. His favorite color is blue, and the last movie he watched was “Top Gun: Maverick” starring Tom Cruise.

President Biden mentioned that most of his days include him meeting with his national security team to discuss any threats facing the country, as well as meeting with his chief of staff. The President said that aside from those meetings, his daily schedule can vary from day to day.

He seemed to have some trouble remembering that Ireland, the homeland of his family, was the last place he had been. In April, he went there to research about his ancestors and meet distant relatives. Then, a kid shouted “Ireland” and he recalled it instantly.

“Yeah, you’re right! Ireland’s where I was,” Biden said.

But when asked what he liked most about being President, Biden had an answer straight away.

The president said he loves being outside and answering people’s questions, that’s his favorite part about being the President.

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