Pope Francis Postpones Saturday Morning Engagements Due to Mild Flu Symptoms, Announces Vatican

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Pope Francis Health

The Vatican has announced that Pope Francis will not be conducting his scheduled audiences on Saturday morning due to experiencing mild flu symptoms.

In a statement, the Vatican disclosed, “The Holy Father’s planned audiences for this morning have been postponed as he is suffering from a slight flu.”

Pope Francis is expected to depart on Friday for Dubai to participate in the COP28 summit focused on climate change, an issue that has been a significant concern throughout his tenure as pope.

Next month, Pope Francis will celebrate his 87th birthday. Recently, when inquired about his health during an interview — particularly following recent health challenges, including an operation a few months back for hernia repair and the removal of intestinal scar tissue — Pope Francis humorously responded with his usual remark: “Still alive, you know.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Pope Francis Health

Why has Pope Francis canceled his Saturday morning audiences?

Pope Francis postponed his Saturday morning audiences due to mild flu symptoms, as announced by the Vatican.

What event is Pope Francis scheduled to attend soon?

Pope Francis is expected to travel to Dubai for the COP28 conference on climate change.

How has Pope Francis responded to queries about his recent health?

In response to questions about his health after undergoing abdominal surgery a few months ago, Pope Francis humorously replied, “Still alive, you know.”

What is the significance of the COP28 conference for Pope Francis?

The COP28 conference, focusing on climate change, is significant for Pope Francis, who has shown deep concern for this global challenge during his papacy.

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NewsHound55 November 26, 2023 - 12:31 am

Pope Francis cancels Sat. morning meetups due to flu. Vatican statement clarifies. Upcoming climate summit big deal.


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