Pence seizes on Trump’s latest indictment as he looks to break through in crowded GOP field

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Mike Pence's campaign strategy

As another series of criminal charges is laid against Donald Trump, Mike Pence, his previous running mate, is quick to leverage this incident to bolster his standing in a congested Republican field.

Pence’s campaign recently launched merchandise with the slogan “Too Honest” printed in large, red letters, referencing a comment Trump allegedly made to Pence. This statement was made when Pence refused to endorse Trump’s endeavor to reverse the 2020 election outcome.

Pence’s tactic of exploiting Trump’s words signifies a distinct shift in his traditionally circumspect demeanor, as he’s struggled to make an impression in a primary field monopolized by Trump. Following the indictment where Pence is a key figure, he has taken a more assertive stance against Trump, framing himself as the individual who defied Trump, thereby averting disaster.

Pence shared with Fox News, “President Trump and his team didn’t just ask me to pause. They asked me to reject votes, return votes, practically to reverse the election.” He argued that adhering to Trump and “his assembly of fanciful attorneys” would have led to absolute chaos.

Pence’s reaction might not be surprising considering he was forced into hiding during the Capitol riots on Jan. 6, 2021. However, his recent statements are particularly remarkable given his steadfast refusal to openly criticize Trump during his tenure as vice president, and his unwavering defense of Trump, regardless of the situation.

Though Pence had initially resisted appearing before the congressional committee investigating Jan. 6, he has always maintained the righteousness of his actions that day. His advisers believed that if he directly addressed the incident and explained his position, voters would respect his decision and his adherence to the Constitution.

In his campaign commencement speech, Pence rebuked Trump and highlighted his actions during the Jan. 6 events. His remarks included, “Anyone that prioritizes their own interests over the Constitution should never serve as president of the United States” and “Anyone who pressures another person to prioritize their interests over the Constitution should not have the opportunity to be president of the United States again.”

However, Pence has primarily focused on promoting himself as the leading conservative candidate, emphasizing his stance on economic and social issues, particularly abortion. His reactions to Trump’s initial indictments were relatively reserved. But following the latest indictment, Pence and his team decided to release a statement asserting that no individual should prioritize personal ambitions over the Constitution.

The revelation of Trump’s indictment brought financial support to Pence’s campaign, and his team leveraged this attention with increased spending on digital ads. Pence’s more assertive approach did not escape Trump’s attention either, who criticized Pence on his Truth Social network.

Marc Short, Pence’s chief of staff on Jan. 6 and who was mentioned in the indictment, indicated that Pence was increasingly frustrated with Trump’s persistent slandering. He suggested that although most Republican voters would prefer to concentrate on other matters and President Joe Biden, Pence’s actions on that day might serve as a strength. He stated, “I think people respect him for upholding his oath under tremendous pressure.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mike Pence’s campaign strategy

How is Mike Pence leveraging Trump’s latest indictment in his political campaign?

Pence is using Trump’s indictment to solidify his stance and differentiate himself in a crowded Republican field. His campaign has released merchandise with the slogan “Too Honest”, a reference to Trump’s alleged comment about Pence when he refused to endorse Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election results.

What is the meaning of the phrase “Too Honest” used in Pence’s campaign?

The phrase “Too Honest” is a reference to a comment allegedly made by Trump, berating Pence for his refusal to support his efforts to reverse the outcome of the 2020 elections.

What does Mike Pence’s new stance against Trump signify?

Pence’s new stance against Trump signifies a notable shift from his usual cautious approach. He has taken a more assertive stance against Trump, portraying himself as the person who defied Trump’s scheme to overturn the 2020 election, thereby averting potential chaos.

What has been Mike Pence’s reaction to the Capitol riots of Jan. 6, 2021?

Although Pence initially resisted appearing before the congressional committee investigating the events of Jan. 6, 2021, he has always defended his actions on that day. He believes that if he directly addressed the issue and explained his stance to voters, they would respect his decision and adherence to the Constitution.

How has the Trump indictment affected Pence’s campaign financially?

The attention brought by Trump’s indictment led to a financial boost for Pence’s campaign. In the first 24 hours after the news, the campaign received 7,000 new contributions, marking a sevenfold increase from the campaign’s usual daily intake.

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