Oregon Court of Appeals Rules State Climate Program’s Rules Invalid

by Ethan Kim
Oregon Climate Program Ruling

The Oregon Court of Appeals recently ruled that the regulations governing a state climate initiative aimed at significantly curtailing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel entities are not valid. Initiated in 2022, this program is recognized as one of the most robust in the United States.

Officials from the state’s environmental agency noted that the ruling was based on a procedural mistake and did not address the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s legal capacity to administer the program. The Climate Protection Program is set to achieve a 90% reduction in emissions from transportation fuels and natural gas by 2050.

This judgment by the Oregon Court of Appeals was the result of a lawsuit filed by fossil fuel companies. They contended that the Environmental Quality Commission, which serves as the policy and rulemaking body for the Department of Environmental Quality, made an error in establishing the program’s regulations.

The court determined that the program’s rules were indeed invalid.

However, the department emphasized that the ruling pertained solely to a procedural error and was not an immediate directive, as reported by Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Lauren Wirtis, a spokesperson for the department, clarified in a statement that the court did not rule on the Environmental Quality Commission’s authority to implement the Climate Protection Program.

The department remains confident in its legal standing to enforce the program and is currently deliberating future actions with the Oregon Department of Justice, according to Wirtis.

NW Natural, a party in the lawsuit, expressed satisfaction with the court’s decision and reaffirmed its commitment to transitioning towards a lower carbon energy future.

Conversely, a coalition of environmental, climate, and social justice organizations concurred with the state’s view that the ruling was centered on a procedural detail and did not challenge the Department of Environmental Quality’s power to impose emission limits on the oil and gas sector.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Oregon Climate Program Ruling

What was the Oregon Court of Appeals’ decision regarding the state’s climate program?

The Oregon Court of Appeals ruled that the rules governing the state’s climate program, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, were invalid. This decision was based on an administrative error, not on the authority of the Department of Environmental Quality to implement the program.

How does the decision affect the Climate Protection Program?

The ruling is based on procedural issues and does not immediately affect the program’s implementation. The Department of Environmental Quality is confident in its authority to administer the program and is considering next steps with the state Department of Justice.

What is the aim of the Climate Protection Program?

The program targets a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from transportation fuels and natural gas by 2050, making it one of the most ambitious in the nation.

Who challenged the program’s rules, and why?

Fossil fuel companies challenged the program’s rules, alleging that the Environmental Quality Commission made a rulemaking error. The commission is the policy and rulemaking board of the Department of Environmental Quality.

What was the response from environmental and social justice groups?

Environmental, climate, and social justice groups supported the state’s position, stating that the court’s decision focused on a procedural technicality and did not undermine the authority of the Department of Environmental Quality to set emissions limits.

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JohnDoe December 25, 2023 - 4:53 pm

court say rules invalid, admin error not about agency’s power

BizLeader99 December 25, 2023 - 7:26 pm

Good news for fossil fuels, we need reliable energy!

GreenGuru December 25, 2023 - 11:00 pm

Disappointing, but climate fight continues. No stopping us!

EcoWarrior1 December 26, 2023 - 5:04 am

Environmntal groups right, just procedure hiccup, prog still strong


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