‘Oppenheimer’ Movie Generates Buzz at CinemaCon – Excitement Builds for Christopher Nolan’s Latest Project

by Joshua Brown
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At the presentation in Las Vegas, Universal one the show with some brand new footage from Christopher Nolan’s movie called ‘Oppenheimer’. Nolan was very excited about this movie and he described it as an amazing drama with so many twists and turns. He also said that by learning about the story of Oppenheimer, he felt like he was right there in the same room seeing what it must have been like.

On July 21, a movie called “Oppenheimer” will be released in cinemas. It is based on the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer, a scientist who helped develop the atomic bomb and changed history forever. Cillian Murphy, who has previously worked with director Christopher Nolan in films such as “Batman Begins,” plays the main role of this star-studded cast which also includes Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.

Nolan said, “No matter what our opinion about him is, he is the most influential person who has ever lived. He changed our world for both better and worse and his story is unbelievable.”

The movie was filmed using IMAX in both color and some black and white (but not too much of it so there’s no need to worry).

Director Christopher Nolan has partnered up with Universal Pictures for the very first time. He used to work with Warner Bros., but left them because they are focusing on streaming their movies in 2022.

Christopher is a huge supporter of movie theaters, which is why his new film “Oppenheimer” will be available in formats such as 70mm IMAX, 35mm, Dolby Vision, and other high-quality big screens around the world.

Nolan said he couldn’t tell if a trailer for “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”, which will be released May 5th, would be shown or not.

The bosses of Universal went to Las Vegas for a conference just after news got out that Jeff Shell, one of the most famous people in the media business, had to leave his job because of inappropriate behaviour.

Shell was the boss of many things, and one of them was a movie company. Before this, he was in charge of NBCUniversal’s movies and entertainment. But now, parent company Comcast hasn’t named anyone else to be his replacement yet.

The team at the movie studio has been very happy with the success of Illumination’s film “The Super Mario Bros. Movie”. The movie made nearly a billion dollars worldwide and it will hit an even bigger milestone – one billion dollars in ticket sales – this coming week.

Besides “Mario”, other hits like “Cocaine Bear” and “M3GAN” have also become popular topics on social media and in late night conversations.

Orr said they believe the best times are ahead of them and not in the past. In their lineup for 2023, he mentioned that the comedies are more hilarious, horror movies scarier, and dramas stronger. Additionally, “Fast X” will be faster than any other movie seen so far.

Will Ferrell walked onto the stage carrying a dog named Sophie. He was there to talk about his new comedy movie called “Strays”, which starred him and Jamie Foxx. Sophie played Ferrell’s character, Reggie, in the movie.

Ferrell said that she wasn’t very cute and didn’t need to be featured on camera so often. He added that he had won several awards but joked that Sophie regularly pooped on the sidewalk.

Ferrell apologized to Sophie, which made the crowd laugh. Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick then talked about a movie called “Trolls Band Together” which will be released on November 17th. Timberlake joked that he was high but later clarified that he wasn’t. Kendrick mentioned their characters in this movie have moved away from just being friends and she said “Get ready to rock and trooooollll” with excitement! She also told her co-star that “joy is a choice”.

DreamWorks Animation is launching a new movie on June 30 called “Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken”. It’s about a teen Kraken that faces challenges throughout high school and is voiced by Lana Condor. The president of DreamWorks Animation, Margie Cohn, said this movie has the potential to become the “girl power” movie of the summer.

Jason Blum and David Gordon Green recently released a sneak peek of their new movie “The Exorcist Believer”. It’s about two children who get possessed, and it stars Ellen Burstyn. This is the first part in an upcoming trilogy of films, which will be out in theaters on October 13th.

Universal ended the ceremony with some awesome events. Jordan Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese and Sung Kang appeared to summarize the nine films they were involved in, then called Vin Diesel on stage before leaving.

When on the stage, Vin Diesel said: “This room is even better than the Oscars and I mean it!” He received loud cheers in response.

Stunt performers from Eighty Seven North kicked off the show with a special performance involving Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling. Then they ended it with an exclusive sneak peek of “Wicked,” which Langley said will be very cool to watch!

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