No. 21 Notre Dame harasses Caleb Williams and hands No. 10 USC first loss in 48-20 drubbing

by Andrew Wright
College Football Dominance

In a decisive victory, No. 21 Notre Dame demonstrated its dominance by relentlessly pressuring Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams, securing a 48-20 win over No. 10 Southern California on Saturday night. Xavier Watts emerged as a key player, intercepting Williams twice and capitalizing on a fumble with a touchdown return, which added an emphatic punctuation mark to the contest.

The Fighting Irish, who had experienced two losses in their previous three games, rebounded strongly against their historic rivals. Watts’ pair of interceptions in the first half, along with Benjamin Morrison’s interception, set the stage for Notre Dame’s commanding lead, highlighted by Audric Estime’s 1-yard touchdown run that extended their advantage to 24-3. This performance was a stark contrast to the Trojans’ previous week heroics, where they erased a 17-point deficit to defeat Arizona in overtime.

Williams, who had only been intercepted once before, endured relentless pressure from the Fighting Irish, enduring four sacks and finishing the game with 199 passing yards and a single touchdown.

USC, which had been averaging an impressive 51.8 points per game, encountered significant challenges, culminating in five turnovers and a mere 92 yards gained on the ground. Notre Dame’s defense displayed its prowess with 11 tackles for loss.

Williams managed to narrow the deficit to 31-20 with a seven-yard touchdown pass to Brenden Rice in the fourth quarter. However, Notre Dame swiftly responded, as Jadarian Price returned the ensuing kickoff for a remarkable 99-yard touchdown return, re-establishing an 18-point lead.

USC’s woes at Notre Dame Stadium continued, marking their fifth consecutive loss at this venue.

In terms of takeaways, USC faces mounting concerns not only with their criticized defense but also their struggling offensive line as they prepare for important matchups in the Pac-12.

On the other hand, Notre Dame’s ability to bounce back after a disappointing 33-20 loss at Louisville positions them with momentum as they enter the final four games of the season. After a brief respite, they will face formidable opponents in Pittsburgh, Clemson, Wake Forest, and Stanford as they aim to bolster their bowl game prospects.

Regarding the polls, USC, having benefited from a first-half schedule with few winning opponents, is likely to experience a significant decline in their ranking after this loss.

Looking ahead, Southern California will return to Pac-12 action by hosting No. 16 Utah, while Notre Dame is set to host Pittsburgh on October 28.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about College Football Dominance

Q: What was the final score of the game between Notre Dame and USC?

A: The final score of the game was 48-20 in favor of No. 21 Notre Dame.

Q: Who played a key role in Notre Dame’s victory?

A: Xavier Watts played a crucial role for Notre Dame, intercepting Caleb Williams twice and returning a fumble for a touchdown.

Q: How did USC perform in terms of turnovers?

A: USC encountered significant challenges, committing five turnovers during the game.

Q: What is Notre Dame’s upcoming schedule after this victory?

A: After their win against USC, Notre Dame’s next opponents include Pittsburgh, Clemson, Wake Forest, and Stanford.

Q: Did USC’s ranking in the polls change after this game?

A: Yes, USC can expect a significant decline in their ranking after this loss to Notre Dame.

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SportsGuru55 October 15, 2023 - 4:03 am

USC o-line lookin’ shaky, dey need 2 step up!

IrishLuck23 October 15, 2023 - 5:58 am

Notre dame got the momentum now, watch out for dem!

FootballFan123 October 15, 2023 - 9:40 pm

wow, notre dame was so strong, Xavir watts gr8 job with dem interseptshuns!


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