NFL Prohibits Eagles’ Dom DiSandro from Sideline for Season’s Duration, According to AP Informants

by Gabriel Martinez
NFL Sideline Ban

The National Football League (NFL) has imposed a sideline ban on the Philadelphia Eagles’ security chief, Dom DiSandro, for the rest of the regular season. This decision follows his ejection from an earlier game this month, where he engaged in a confrontation with San Francisco 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw. This information was disclosed by two sources familiar with the league’s ruling, as reported to The Big Big News on Saturday.

Although barred from the sideline, DiSandro will still accompany the team to Seattle for the upcoming Monday night match and is allowed to fulfill his other professional responsibilities. The sources, who requested anonymity as the NFL has not officially disclosed this decision, provided these details.

During a third-quarter incident in the Eagles’ 42-19 defeat against the 49ers on December 3, DiSandro intervened in an altercation. He removed Greenlaw from Eagles receiver DeVonta Smith and confronted him verbally. Greenlaw, penalized for unnecessary roughness on that play, responded by placing his hand in DiSandro’s face, reaching over officials. Following this incident, Greenlaw was ejected and later received a fine of $10,927 from the league for his actions. DiSandro, too, was instructed to exit the game and did so to the applause of Eagles supporters.

Recently, the NFL issued a memorandum to all teams, reemphasizing a policy that prohibits non-playing staff from engaging in physical contact, taunting, or insulting opposition players or officials. The memo clarified that only coaches and game officials are to intervene in disputes. The league warned that non-compliance could result in fines or suspensions.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had a meeting with DiSandro last week, subsequent to which DiSandro was not present on the sideline during the Eagles’ game against Dallas on Sunday night, instead observing from the tunnel.

DiSandro, who has been with the Eagles since 1999 and is also a senior adviser to general manager Howie Roseman, manages all security and safety matters for the team. Aged 45, he is known for his robust build and low-key demeanor, yet often appears in front of television cameras. His responsibilities include overseeing security at the team’s training facility, managing travel and logistical security, and educating on the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about NFL Sideline Ban

Why was Eagles’ security chief Dom DiSandro banned from the sideline?

Dom DiSandro, the security chief for the Philadelphia Eagles, was banned from the sideline for the remainder of the regular season due to his involvement in a confrontation with 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw. This incident occurred during a game on December 3, where DiSandro physically intervened and verbally confronted Greenlaw after a play. The NFL’s decision follows their policy against non-player personnel engaging in physical or verbal altercations with players or officials.

Can Dom DiSandro still travel with the Eagles and perform other work duties?

Yes, despite the sideline ban, Dom DiSandro is still permitted to travel with the Eagles, including to their Monday night game in Seattle. He is also allowed to carry out all other work responsibilities associated with his role, except for being present on the sideline during games.

What was the nature of the incident involving Dom DiSandro?

The incident involved DiSandro pulling Dre Greenlaw off Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith and then shouting at Greenlaw after a reception in the third quarter. Greenlaw, who was penalized for unnecessary roughness, reacted by putting his hand in DiSandro’s face, leading to his ejection and later a fine.

What policy did the NFL reiterate following the incident?

Following the incident, the NFL issued a memo to all teams reiterating a policy that prohibits non-player personnel from making physical contact, taunting, or directing insults towards players or officials. The memo also emphasized that only game officials or coaches should intervene in altercations and warned of fines or suspensions for violations.

How long has Dom DiSandro been with the Eagles, and what are his responsibilities?

Dom DiSandro joined the Eagles in 1999 and serves as a senior adviser to general manager Howie Roseman. He is responsible for overseeing all safety and security matters for the team, including at their training complex and during team travel. He also educates team members on the NFL’s personal conduct policy. DiSandro is known for his robust build and low-profile demeanor but is frequently seen in front of television cameras due to his role.

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FootballAnalyst101 December 17, 2023 - 5:00 am

Interesting move by the NFL. They’re setting a strong precedent here, guess everyone’s gotta follow the conduct policy to the letter now.

EaglesFanForever December 17, 2023 - 8:04 am

Wow, can’t believe DiSandro got banned just for that! seems a bit harsh imo, he was just doing his job right?

PhillyPride76 December 17, 2023 - 10:40 am

DiSandro’s been with us since ’99, he knows what he’s doing. This ban is totally uncalled for, the league’s overreacting for sure.

GridironGuru December 17, 2023 - 9:01 pm

NFL’s really cracking down on these rules. Makes sense, but wonder how it’ll affect the game dynamic, especially with the security staff.

SportsFanatic22 December 17, 2023 - 9:08 pm

lol, did anyone else see the way Greenlaw reacted? That was more ejection-worthy than what DiSandro did. just my two cents.


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