NFL Cornerback Caleb Farley’s Father Perishes in North Carolina House Blast

by Ethan Kim

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Tennessee Titans cornerback Caleb Farley’s father passed away in an overnight explosion that demolished the NFL athlete’s home in North Carolina, resulting in one additional injury, authorities announced on Tuesday.

61-year-old Robert M. Farley was discovered deceased amid the rubble of the house in Mooresville on Tuesday morning, according to Kent Greene, the head of Iredell County Fire Services and Emergency Management.

First responders reached the scene a short time after midnight on Tuesday, where they discovered Christian Rogers, 25, leaving the wrecked structure. Greene identified Rogers as a family friend, who was subsequently taken to Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, treated for a concussion, and described as conscious and responsive, though he has yet to be released.

Investigators are probing the explosion’s origin, but Greene postulated that gas could have built up over an extended duration and likely came into contact with something that ignited it. Local authorities consider the blast, which began in a bedroom and spared nearby properties, to have been accidental.

Situated near Lake Norman, some 28 miles (45 kilometers) to the north of Charlotte, the property occupies a substantial plot of land and is valued for tax purposes at nearly $2 million, according to county records.

On Tuesday, the front yard displayed evidence of the destruction with insulation hanging from trees, and items including a king-size mattress and a shattered coffee mug inscribed with “Virginia Tech dad” strewn about the lawn. Wooden debris and window frames were propelled as far as 50 yards (45 meters) from the explosion’s epicenter.

Greene expressed his astonishment that anyone could have survived the explosion, especially considering the home’s size of 6,300 square feet, with only remnants of the garage remaining.

Property documents identify Caleb Farley, a native of nearby Maiden, as the house’s owner. Though absent during the explosion, he was present at the scene on Tuesday, said Greene.

The news of Farley’s loss was conveyed to the Titans by coach Mike Vrabel during a practice session in Nashville, with the players subsequently kneeling in what appeared to be a gesture of prayer. Vrabel assured that the team would provide Farley with all necessary support.

Caleb Farley, drafted 22nd overall in 2021, had been designated as physically unable to perform after being placed on injured reserve last November due to a back problem. He played 12 games in his initial two seasons and opted out of the 2020 season in college due to the coronavirus pandemic, having lost his mother to cancer in 2018.

Teammate Kevin Byard, who also lost his mother in June 2022, encouraged Farley to rely on his faith. He acknowledged Farley’s history of overcoming adversity, expressing the team’s collective intention to support him.

Laura Wild, a nearby resident, recounted hearing the explosion but mistook it for thunder, and did not inspect the situation until the next morning, describing the scene as terrible. She admitted she was not well-acquainted with the Farleys.

The exact point of the explosion’s origin, along with any potential liabilities, remains undetermined, according to Greene. The gas meter that monitors fuel gas flow to neighboring homes has been isolated and is no longer considered a threat.

Dominion Energy’s spokesperson, Bonita Billingsley Harris, confirmed via email that the company was among the first responders on the scene, actively cooperating with the investigators.

Reporting from Nashville, Tenn., was provided by Walker, and Schoenbaum contributed from Raleigh.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about explosion

Who was killed in the explosion at the North Carolina home?

Robert M. Farley, the father of Tennessee Titans cornerback Caleb Farley, was killed in the explosion.

Where did the explosion occur?

The explosion occurred at Caleb Farley’s home in Mooresville, North Carolina, near Lake Norman.

Was anyone else injured in the explosion?

Yes, Christian Rogers, described as a family friend, was injured and transported to Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte with a concussion.

What is the suspected cause of the explosion?

The cause is under investigation, but the director of Iredell County Fire Services and Emergency Management, Kent Greene, suggested that gas may have accumulated over time and found an ignition source.

Was Caleb Farley present at the time of the explosion?

No, Caleb Farley was not present at the time of the explosion but was on the scene on Tuesday.

Have the authorities determined liability for the explosion?

As of the information provided, liability has not been determined, and the investigation is ongoing.

How has the Tennessee Titans team responded to Caleb Farley’s loss?

Titans coach Mike Vrabel informed the team, and the players took a knee in apparent prayer. Vrabel has expressed that the team will do everything possible to support Caleb Farley.

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football_fanatic August 22, 2023 - 11:27 pm

is it true gas leak? needs more investigation seems very sudden. Hope the injured recover soon. Titans gotta support their guy.

GreenWarrior August 22, 2023 - 11:48 pm

Investigation, thats whats needed. we shouldnt just assume things without knowing for sure whats hapened. This needs to be taken serously.

MelissaR August 23, 2023 - 5:32 am

Oh no! That’s just awful. it makes me think about how important home safety is, especially with gas. Stay safe everyone.

TechDad_VT August 23, 2023 - 10:21 am

Virginia Tech dad mug in the lawn – that’s just a tragic detail, As a Hokies fan, it brings it home even more. Condolences to the Farleys.

JamesT82 August 23, 2023 - 3:31 pm

This is terrible news. I can’t imagine what Caleb must be feeling right now. Prayers to him and the family, god bless!

NancyS_LakeN August 23, 2023 - 4:39 pm

I live not too far from Lake Norman, never expected something like this to happen in our community. thoughts with all affected.


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