New York’s Lincoln Center Hosts Post-Pandemic Collective Wedding

by Lucas Garcia
Mass Wedding at Lincoln Center

In an extraordinary display of affection, a multitude of couples gathered at New York’s Lincoln Center to declare their love. The event was far from ordinary, with decorations of faux flowers adorning the balconies and brides gripping rose and wildflower bouquets amidst the buzzing atmosphere of hundreds of ecstatic couples.

An impressive 700 couples convened at this distinguished New York City location to declare their devotion, regardless of the duration or novelty of their love. The crowd included newlyweds and couples like Hazel Seivwright-Carney and Rohan Carney, who came to reaffirm their vows after many years of elopement, much to their family’s initial disappointment.

“Eloping 28 years ago deprived my mother of the opportunity to witness our wedding,” admitted the bride.

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On this particular Saturday, her silent yet expectant mother bore the humid weather to finally watch her daughter vow eternal love to her partner.

This mass wedding at Lincoln Center could potentially become an annual affair. Given the numerous wedding delays due to Covid-19, the Center’s authorities believed this event could help rekindle the spirits of couples who had been isolated for months. Though none of the ceremonies were legally binding, over 500 couples participated the previous year.

The unprecedented success of last year’s event encouraged the organizers to make it a repeat.

“Our decision to host this event last year, right after the pandemic, was a call for unity,” commented Shanta Thake, the center’s chief artistic officer. “In times of collective grief, communal rituals can be comforting.”

One such couple, Alexander Fischer and his future fiancée Nina Oishi, who first met at Yale Law School, took advantage of this opportunity to affirm their bond before embarking on separate paths due to clerkships in different cities.

“Participating in such an event felt like a quintessential New York experience,” shared Oishi, who was dressed in green. “We knew our paths would lead to marriage eventually, so why not celebrate now before we part?”

Their parents, however, remained oblivious to their plans.

“They’d be heartbroken to miss the actual wedding,” explained Oishi.

Echoing her sentiments, Fischer added, “We merely wanted to partake in a collective celebration.”

Mirian Masaquiza, who attended the event with her husband, Oscar, and their two children, dressed in traditional Ecuadorian attire, confessed that she had to convince her family to participate.

“I thought it was a beautiful opportunity for us to strengthen our family unit,” Masaquiza shared.

The majority of attendees were couples intending to renew their vows.

Archley Prudent and his spouse Hugh, who wedded as soon as same-sex marriage became legal in New York, were among the couples who took part.

“The opportunity was too good to pass,” he confessed, adding that their initial plan for a formal wedding was forgotten as years went by. “So many things happened in between so we never got around to it.”

Like their marriage 12 years ago, their decision to join the collective vow renewal was spontaneous.

“I got so excited when this came up and asked, ‘Why don’t we reaffirm our love?’” said Archley Prudent, looking around the hall. “I’m thinking about all the attendees, and how we all share this common experience. We’re here because we all love and care for each other, and we want to celebrate that.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mass Wedding at Lincoln Center

How many couples participated in the mass wedding at Lincoln Center?

Approximately 700 couples participated in the mass wedding at Lincoln Center.

What was the purpose of the mass wedding at Lincoln Center?

With many weddings delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event was intended to provide a sense of joy and unity for couples who had been through months of isolation.

Were the weddings at the Lincoln Center event legally binding?

No, the weddings at the Lincoln Center event were not legally binding.

Was this the first mass wedding event at Lincoln Center?

No, this was not the first mass wedding event at Lincoln Center. There was a similar event the previous year, and given its success, it could potentially become an annual affair.

Did all couples dress formally for the event?

While many attendees wore formal attire such as dresses and tuxedos, others opted for more casual or traditional clothing, reflecting their personal styles and cultural backgrounds.

Who were some of the attendees at the mass wedding?

Attendees varied from newlyweds to long-time couples like Hazel Seivwright-Carney and Rohan Carney who came to renew their vows, and couples like Alexander Fischer and Nina Oishi who declared their commitment ahead of a period of separation.

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HopefulHazel July 9, 2023 - 5:48 am

28 years and renewing vows, so sweet!! Gives hope to the rest of us.❤️

SandraJ July 9, 2023 - 11:01 am

I saw the whole thing, it was crazy so many people, but really beautiful. congrats to all the couples!

CarlT July 9, 2023 - 5:41 pm

700 couples?!? thats madness… but in a good way i guess. love wins.

NYCForever July 10, 2023 - 12:47 am

Lincoln center always doing cool stuff! Wish I knew about this, my gf wouldve loved it!


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