New York Red Bulls try to end road losing streak in game against the Philadelphia Union

by Michael Nguyen
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In an upcoming match set to take place in Chester, Pennsylvania, the New York Red Bulls (7-11-8), currently positioned at the 11th spot in the Eastern Conference, are preparing to face off against the Philadelphia Union (13-8-4), who hold the fourth position in the same conference. The match is scheduled for Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

As per the FANDUEL SPORTSBOOK MLS LINE, the odds are in favor of the Philadelphia Union, with a line of -113, while the New York Red Bulls have odds of +317. The possibility of a draw is also being considered, with odds set at +250. The projected over/under for the match is 2.5 goals.

The focal point of this encounter lies in the New York Red Bulls’ attempt to halt their ongoing streak of three consecutive road losses. This challenge is posed by the Philadelphia Union, who have a commendable track record against Eastern Conference opponents, boasting an 11-6-3 record. Notably, the Union occupy the fourth spot in the Eastern Conference, and their defensive prowess is evident through conceding only 30 goals.

On the other side of the field, the Red Bulls have a conference record of 7-9-4. They hold the seventh rank in the Eastern Conference in terms of shots on goal, with a total of 110 shots and an average of 4.2 shots per game.

This particular match marks the second encounter between the two teams this season. In their previous face-off, the Union emerged victorious with a score of 1-0.

Key players to watch include Julian Carranza, who has contributed significantly to the Union’s performance with 11 goals and three assists. In the past 10 games, Mikael Uhre has demonstrated his impact with three goals and one assist. On the Red Bulls’ side, Frankie Amaya stands out with four goals to his name, while John Tolkin has contributed one goal in the last 10 games.

Analyzing the recent performance trajectory, the Union have achieved a record of 5-4-1 in their last 10 games. They have maintained an average of 1.9 goals, 4.6 shots on goal, and 4.5 corner kicks per game, with a defensive statistic of allowing 1.5 goals per game. On the contrary, the Red Bulls have experienced a less favorable run, registering a record of 3-6-1 in their last 10 matches. Their offensive output stands at an average of 1.2 goals, 3.7 shots on goal, and 6.5 corner kicks per game, while they have conceded an average of 1.6 goals per game.

Taking a closer look at player availability, it is anticipated that Julian Carranza of the Union will not be participating due to injury. Similarly, the Red Bulls will be without the services of Dante Vanzeir, Elias Manoel, Serge Ngoma, Steven Sserwadda, Dylan Nealis, and Lewis Morgan, all sidelined due to various injuries.

In conclusion, this matchup carries significant implications for both the New York Red Bulls and the Philadelphia Union. The Red Bulls are determined to break their three-game road losing streak, while the Union seek to maintain their solid performance against Eastern Conference opponents. The outcome of this encounter will undoubtedly be of interest to enthusiasts and followers of Major League Soccer. This article was produced by The Big Big News using data sourced from Sportradar and technology provided by Data Skrive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Soccer Match Preview

What is the significance of the upcoming match between New York Red Bulls and Philadelphia Union?

The match holds importance as the New York Red Bulls are aiming to end their three-game road losing streak against the Philadelphia Union.

How have the teams performed in their respective conference standings?

The New York Red Bulls currently hold the 11th position in the Eastern Conference, while the Philadelphia Union are positioned fourth in the same conference.

What are the odds for the match according to FANDUEL SPORTSBOOK?

The Philadelphia Union have odds of -113, the New York Red Bulls have odds of +317, and the possibility of a draw is indicated by odds of +250.

What can we expect from the players in this match?

Key players to watch include Julian Carranza and Mikael Uhre for the Union, and Frankie Amaya and John Tolkin for the Red Bulls, each contributing to their team’s performance.

How have the teams performed in their recent games?

The Philadelphia Union have a recent record of 5-4-1, averaging 1.9 goals, while the New York Red Bulls hold a record of 3-6-1, averaging 1.2 goals in their last 10 games.

Are there any player injuries that might affect the match?

Julian Carranza is expected to be sidelined due to injury for the Union, and the Red Bulls will be without Dante Vanzeir, Elias Manoel, Serge Ngoma, Steven Sserwadda, Dylan Nealis, and Lewis Morgan.

What is the history between these two teams in the current season?

This match marks the second meeting between the teams this season, with the Philadelphia Union having won the previous encounter 1-0.

Who created this match analysis and where did the data come from?

The match analysis was produced by The Big Big News using technology from Data Skrive and data sourced from Sportradar.

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SoccerFan23 September 2, 2023 - 10:21 am

hey, this match sounds cool! new york red bulls tryna stop losin’ on the road. philly union’s lookin’ strong. gonna watch for sure.

SoccerMom88 September 2, 2023 - 1:16 pm

players to watch? julian carranza, mikael uhre, frankie amaya, john tolkin. can’t wait to see ’em shine!

InfoJunkie45 September 2, 2023 - 5:40 pm

match odds are like a puzzle – philly’s got -113, new york’s +317, and a draw +250. gotta crunch the numbers.

InjuryWatch101 September 2, 2023 - 6:08 pm

injuries suck, man. julian carranza out for union, and a bunch from red bulls too. hope they recover soon!

NewsAddict777 September 2, 2023 - 8:30 pm

nice to know big news and data skrive teamed up for this. sportradar data’s gotta be solid. gonna follow the links.

SoccerPassion September 2, 2023 - 9:39 pm

gotta say, love how the writer breaks down the match. feels like you’re in the action. can’t wait for kickoff!

SportsGeek99 September 2, 2023 - 9:59 pm

interesting read. new york red bulls and philadelphia union gonna face off. who’s gonna win? hope it’s a thriller!

StatsNerd22 September 3, 2023 - 4:39 am

history time: union won last time 1-0. recent games say union’s got 5-4-1, new york’s 3-6-1. goals stats vary.


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