New York City Delivers the Ultimate Comeuppance to Donald Trump

by Michael Nguyen
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People in New York City know Donald Trump’s name very well. It is shown everywhere on the streets and buildings. But now, the city he used to love is going to do something really important to him: indictment No. 71543-23. The people of this city didn’t vote for him, they protested against him and even served justice by rejecting his case in court.

Barbara Res, a close worker of the former president and vice president at Trump Organization, told that he was fond of New York City. But she feels like he has yet to realize that New York is not very friendly with him anymore.

Donald Trump has been in love with New York City his entire life, and he spent a lot of money and energy to show it. But even though the city hasn’t always made him happy, Donald still loved it enough to become president of America. Now he’s both famous AND infamous at the same time!

Donald Trump grew up in Queens, New York with a father that worked in real estate in both Queens and Brooklyn. But he really wanted to move to Manhattan and make a name for himself! He ended up getting the chance to renovate a shabby old hotel, turning it into an impressive Grand Hyatt Hotel – this got him known in the city. On top of that, he made sure everyone knew his name by being seen by politicians and celebs, going out to exciting places like Studio 54 and often being featured in the media.

In the 1980s, Trump had become a very famous man in New York. He saw himself as the best person- even better than everyone else in the whole city!

A professor called David Greenberg, who wrote a book named “Republic of Spin: An Inside History of the American Presidency”, said that Donald Trump was very jealous growing up. He wished he had as much fame, wealth and popularity as those around him. Building Trump Tower and making it in Manhattan in the 1980s played a big role for Donald Trump to become popular among people.

Trump did not always show respect for the people of New York. He often left behind problems like unpaid debt and workers who didn’t get paid properly. Despite all his fame, city life is full of stories, and Trump’s was just one among many.

For a long time, Trump lived in New York while things kept changing around him. He got married and divorced multiple times. Skyscrapers were built. Bankruptcies happened. It seemed like he was famous one moment and not-so-famous the next.

Trump didn’t have any special connection with everyday life in the city; he wasn’t likely to catch a ride on the subway or buy a hot dog from a vendor. But for many people, he still had an important presence, even though it was very big compared to normal life here.

Not many people in New York liked Donald Trump before he announced his bid for the presidency in 2015. He had said some things which were based on race that were strange and not true, like about Barack Obama being born somewhere else. People made fun of him a lot on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and even when he was at an event called the Waldorf-Astoria gala, people groaned when they heard him speak. His unpopularity around the city soon changed to straight up hatred by lots of New Yorkers.

Many Republicans didn’t trust Donald Trump’s leadership and belief during the state’s primary election. The people of Manhattan were particularly distrusting of him. According Christina Greer, a political scientist from Fordham University, people are starting to realize that Trump will lead our country in the wrong direction.

During Election Night in 2016, people who supported Clinton cried at the Javits Center when their wish for her to win didn’t come true. Meanwhile, Trump’s fans were very happy with his victory which was a surprise for many. Even though a lot of New Yorkers were against him, Trump’s face was still projected on the Empire State Building – making locals accept that he would be their president.

In the days after Donald Trump was elected president, lots of famous people and politicians visited his skyscraper in New York. People were guessing what his presidency would be like. Many suspected he wouldn’t leave New York fully and would keep going between there and Washington D.C. The news that his wife Melania and son Barron wouldn’t join him at the White House seemed to confirm this idea.

Throughout his presidency, Donald Trump kept doing the things that he does, causing a bunch of bad stuff to happen. People in New York didn’t like what he was doing, so they began organizing protests against him.

Trump no longer felt at home in the city where he had envisioned his dreams. As Election Day 2020 approached, he said that New York had become an unpleasant and dangerous place.

Joe Biden had way more supporters in Manhattan than Trump. When Trump’s presidency finished and he was forced to leave Washington due to the violence that occurred there, it was clear New York wasn’t a place he could stay. So, like lots of other New Yorkers before him, Trump moved down to Florida instead.

When he goes back up north, he spends most of his time at a club in Bedminster, New Jersey. This means that the man who wanted to avoid his past is now not far from Manhattan because there’s another river separating them.

On his first trip back to Manhattan after leaving office, it was reported that only one person came out to Trump Tower hoping to catch a glimpse of him, and even protesters weren’t interested in seeing him anymore.

In New York City, jury duty is considered a special privilege, so it makes sense that the jury was filled with people from all over the city – different neighborhoods, income levels and backgrounds. It’s kind of like a TV show where everyone’s included!

Donald Trump’s relationship with New York City is ending badly. The Post, a newspaper part of Rupert Murdoch’s media group that supported Trump at the beginning, thinks he is crazy. They said this on the front page with his photo next to large letters saying “Bat Hit Crazy”, which was very different to when they published a story saying it was “the best sex [he] ever had”.

Trump once said he could do something really bad and still be popular, but now handouts in New York aren’t enough to make people like him. He’s called the grand jury’s investigation unfair and thinks Democrats want to stop him from winning the election.

Outside the courthouse, only the media were around but one New Yorker was there – Marni Halasa. She wore a leopard print costume along with cat ears and used fake money to make a ‘hush money’ boa. She came alone to celebrate the arrest of one of her city’s most famous people.

Marni said that she represented all the other New Yorkers who weren’t able to come.

Bobby Caina Calvan wrote a report for the Associated Press. Matt Sedensky can be contacted by email or on Twitter if you have any questions. You can reach him at [email protected] or https://twitter.com/sedensky.

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