NATO Defiantly Declares: Ukraine Belongs in Alliance One Day

by Joshua Brown
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NATO’s chief Jens Stoltenberg visited Kyiv, Ukraine on Thursday. He vowed support for the country and said that it should be allowed to join the military alliance. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked NATO members to provide Ukraine with more help like airplanes, artillery and armored equipment.

Russia says it is fighting in Ukraine to stop it from joining NATO. The leaders of NATO have said that eventually Ukraine will be a member, but there isn’t a plan about when this could happen.

Stoltenberg declared that Ukraine belongs in the Euro-Atlantic family and is part of NATO. He said he spoke with Zelenskyy about a program to help Ukraine transition its old equipment and strategies from the Soviet era to the principles used by NATO, so they can all work together better. Stoltenberg promised that NATO will continue to be there for Ukraine no matter what.

Denmark and the Netherlands said on Thursday that they will give Ukraine at least 14 new tanks from 2024. Germany is also going to have a meeting tomorrow, where more countries may pledge their support for Ukraine with military aid.

The people in Ukraine have been fighting for a while but no one can win. In the upcoming weeks, Ukraine plans to launch an attack and has received help from Western countries for this. NATO is helping too but only with non-dangerous support. The head of NATO has spoken out about the conflict a lot.

Many important international leaders have gone to Kyiv in the past year, including the ex-Prime Minister of Norway. NATO was set up to oppose Russia and they were worried about being involved a bad war with nuclear weapons too. But recently the West has been giving Ukraine things like helmets, uniforms, tanks, planes, and some really fancy missiles making visits at this high level pretty normal now.

Russian spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that one of their goals is to stop Ukraine from becoming a part of NATO. He explained that this move would be a huge danger or threat to Russia’s security if it were to happen.

Recently, Finland became a part of the NATO alliance, meaning it has given up its policy of staying neutral. This move does not threaten Russia, but it did have an impact on the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Finland recently became a part of a big security alliance. This means it was double the size of Russia’s border with the same alliance. People think that soon Sweden might join too, and this could happen before President Joe Biden and other members of NATO have their meeting in Lithuania in July.

NATO is strengthening its defenses inside its borders to keep Russia from attacking any of the member countries. This means if one country gets attacked, NATO sees it like all the countries got attacked.

On Friday, Secretary Stoltenberg will be on an Air Base in Germany with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin together for a meeting about helping Ukraine since it’s been through so much conflict.

The Ukraine Space Agency reported on Thursday that a really bright light seen by people in their night sky the day before was probably caused by a meteorite falling from space. People living in different places like the capital and other cities of Belarus saw the light, which stayed for few seconds, and a loud sound was also heard coming from Kyiv. It even made the air raid alarms go off.

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