Music review: Foo Fighters’ new album ‘But Here We Are’ grapples with loss

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Title: Music Review: Foo Fighters’ “But Here We Are” – A Reflection on Loss


The Foo Fighters’ latest album, “But Here We Are,” is a powerful expression of emotions and a testament to the band’s growth. With relentless guitar riffs, subtly sweet melodies, and Dave Grohl’s passionate vocals, this album showcases the Foo Fighters’ maturity. Released after the tragic loss of drummer Taylor Hawkins, “But Here We Are” serves as a necessary and cathartic creation for the band, their loved ones, and their fans.

Grappling with Loss

The album is dedicated to Hawkins and Grohl’s mother, Virginia, and their grief is palpable throughout the 10 songs. The lyrics, though straightforward, delve into the complexities of coping, reflecting, and accepting that life must go on. The Foo Fighters do not shy away from expressing every facet of their grief, creating a raw and honest musical experience.

Unmistakable Foo Fighters’ Sound

The opening track, “Rescue Me,” immediately captures the essence of the Foo Fighters with its electrifying energy. The lyrics, “It came in a flash, it came out of nowhere, it happened so fast, and then it was over,” leave no doubt that this is a classic Foo Fighters record. Another standout is “Show Me How,” which features guest vocals from Grohl’s daughter, Violet. This track reminds listeners of the strength that loved ones possess in helping us overcome difficult times.

Songs Within the Song

One noteworthy track is the epic 10-minute journey of “Teacher.” It seamlessly channels the influences of Led Zeppelin and REM, offering a variety of musical experiences within a single song. As Grohl sings, “Every page turned, it’s a lesson learned in time,” the song resonates deeply with the listener.

A Nostalgic Conclusion

The album concludes with the title track, “Rest.” It begins with a quiet nostalgia that gradually evolves into dark and dissonant tones, before softly winding down as a tribute to Grohl’s mother. The lyrics, “I had another dream of us, in the warm Virginia sun, there I will meet you,” create a heartfelt and poignant ending.


“But Here We Are” is a testament to the Foo Fighters’ musical journey and their ability to channel their emotions into powerful music. The album’s exploration of loss and the band’s growth create a deeply moving and cathartic experience for both the listeners and the Foo Fighters themselves. It is a record that demands attention and showcases the band’s continued relevance in the rock music scene.

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Q: What is the title of the Foo Fighters’ latest album?

A: The title of the Foo Fighters’ latest album is “But Here We Are.”

Q: How would you describe the overall theme of the album?

A: The album explores themes of loss and coping with grief while also showcasing the band’s growth and maturity.

Q: Is the album dedicated to anyone?

A: Yes, the album is dedicated to the beloved drummer Taylor Hawkins, as well as Dave Grohl’s mother, Virginia.

Q: How does the album reflect the band’s emotional journey?

A: The album’s lyrics and musical elements vividly convey the band’s grappling with loss, making their emotions painfully palpable throughout the songs.

Q: Are there any standout tracks or special features on the album?

A: The opening track, “Rescue Me,” and the song “Show Me How” featuring vocals from Dave Grohl’s daughter, Violet, are particularly notable. Additionally, the 10-minute track “Teacher” offers a diverse musical experience within a single song.

Q: How does the album conclude?

A: The album concludes with the title track, “Rest,” which begins with a nostalgic tone, takes a dark and dissonant turn, and ends softly as a tribute to Dave Grohl’s mother.

Q: What genre is the album?

A: The album falls within the rock music genre, with the Foo Fighters’ signature sound of relentless guitar riffs, powerful vocals, and compelling melodies.

Q: Where can I find more music reviews like this one?

A: You can find more music reviews on BBN music reviews, which is a hub for comprehensive music reviews and recommendations. The link to BBN music reviews is provided in the text.

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