Movie Review: “Bird Box Barcelona” Falls Short of Thrills in a Tedious Netflix Spinoff

by Ethan Kim
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Bird Box Barcelona review

In the era before the pandemic, December 2018 to be precise, the world became captivated by Sandra Bullock’s blindfolded attempt to escape an enigmatic force that drove people to suicide in the Netflix phenomenon “Bird Box.” While its popularity soared, it’s worth pondering whether the movie truly deserved its acclaim or if it simply benefited from being a novel choice for holiday entertainment. Netflix’s vague viewership statistics and the film’s star-studded ensemble undoubtedly contributed to its success. Although not a cinematic masterpiece, “Bird Box” managed to captivate audiences at the right time, boasting a talented cast, a renowned director in Suzanne Bier, and a captivating score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Its edgy allure paved the way for later hits like “Squid Game.”

Unsurprisingly, Netflix sought to capitalize on the film’s popularity five years later with “Bird Box Barcelona.” However, this spinoff fails to live up to expectations. While the movie showcases impressive action sequences, it overly relies on the shock value of suicides, quickly losing its impact and becoming monotonous as the story drags on.

The film’s protagonist, whose motives remain ambiguous, adds to the frustration. Early on, he inexplicably claims to be alone when accompanied by Anna, raising doubts about his credibility. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the narrative unfolds in a bleak and inhumane environment, with factions of city-dwellers led by a priest convinced that this form of death is the only path to salvation. Amidst the despair, the only redeeming quality of the film is English psychiatrist Claire, portrayed by Georgina Campbell, who stands out as a genuine human presence. Unfortunately, she is burdened with a clichéd plotline of assuming a motherly role for Sofia, a thinly developed young German girl who has lost her mother.

It is safe to assume that the audience for “Bird Box Barcelona” does not take issue with its hook involving suicide. However, the execution of this aspect feels cheap and lacks any sense of thrill, entertainment, or meaningful exploration of the trauma. The movie becomes an arduous two-hour experience devoid of any engaging elements.

Like many horror movies before it, “Bird Box Barcelona” mistakenly believes that providing more information and explanations about the mysterious suicidal forces will heighten the suspense. In reality, it only serves to diminish the overall quality of the film, rendering it unintelligent.

“Bird Box Barcelona,” a Netflix release streaming on Friday, has not received a rating from the Motion Picture Association. The film has a runtime of 110 minutes and receives one star out of four.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Netflix spinoff

Q: What is “Bird Box Barcelona”?

A: “Bird Box Barcelona” is a spinoff film released on Netflix, following the success of the original movie “Bird Box.” It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where people are compelled to commit suicide and explores the attempts of the characters to survive and find salvation.

Q: Is “Bird Box Barcelona” as thrilling as its predecessor?

A: No, unfortunately, “Bird Box Barcelona” falls short in delivering the same level of thrills as the original film. It heavily relies on shock value and repetitive suicide scenes, which become tedious and less impactful as the movie progresses.

Q: Who are the main characters in “Bird Box Barcelona”?

A: The film features Sandra Bullock as one of the main characters, reprising her role from the original “Bird Box.” Other notable characters include a mysterious protagonist, played by an undisclosed actor, an English psychiatrist named Claire portrayed by Georgina Campbell, and a young German girl named Sofia, played by Naila Schuberth.

Q: Does “Bird Box Barcelona” delve deeper into the explanation of the mysterious suicidal forces?

A: Unfortunately, providing more information and explanations about the mysterious suicidal forces does not enhance the suspense or improve the film. In fact, it is noted that it makes the overall storyline less intelligent and fails to captivate the audience.

Q: How long is “Bird Box Barcelona”?

A: The running time of “Bird Box Barcelona” is approximately 110 minutes.

Q: What rating has “Bird Box Barcelona” received?

A: “Bird Box Barcelona” has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association.

Q: Who is the director of “Bird Box Barcelona”?

A: The director of “Bird Box Barcelona” is not mentioned in the text and therefore unknown.

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