Morant Takes Responsibility: Silver Expresses Disappointment Over Latest Video

by Joshua Brown
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Ja Morant recently got in some trouble after he was seen on social media holding a gun and the Grizzlies suspended him from team activities. His actions are also being investigated by the NBA, who had already suspended him for something very similar two months ago.

On Tuesday night, I said I know I let people down who have been supportive of me. This is not the end of the road – I know that I need to do more and try harder in order to improve myself. What I say might not be taken seriously today, but I take full responsibility for what happened and pledge that I will keep working on becoming better.

The NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, was not happy about what happened and gave the player an eight-game suspension a few months ago. We don’t know yet what punishment this same player may receive for their latest actions.

This weekend I saw a video that made me really surprised, explained Silver in a TV interview with ESPN before the draft lottery started in Chicago. We are trying to investigate what happened and figure out all the details about the incident. The quality of the video is not very clear but it’s looking like something bad happened. We’ll try our best to find out what truly happened there.

Ja Morant spent $669,000 on a video that was released in March. Another video of him was taken and shared online last Saturday. This second video was streamed on Instagram from Davonte Pack’s account. An anonymous person told Big Big News, but the Memphis Grizzlies haven’t said anything about it yet.

In Pack’s video, Morant was seen very quickly holding what looked like a gun when he was sitting in the car. At this moment, 111 people were watching the livestream.

Silver said that this action could have been dangerous and that the fact that they had a lot of younger people watching them was alarming. He thought the person doing it could have hurt or even killed themselves or someone else, and he was worried about how the fans would perceive it, since millions of kids from all over the world would see it as if this action was something to be celebrated.

At the beginning of March, Morant said that he wanted to focus on improving himself. And when the season ended a couple of weeks ago, he had similar feelings. He mentioned that he needed to become more disciplined in both his private and public life – particularly when it comes to leading his team. He believes that it starts with him setting a better example for others.

Morant is going to get a very big paycheck for this upcoming year – $194 million! He has sponsorships from Nike and Powerade, but the company that Powerade was running ads with Morant on them took it down after he was seen doing something bad in March. This is the third time this year when there have been issues surrounding Morant and guns.

The police looked into what Morant did after something happened in Memphis on the 29th of January. As a result, Pack was not allowed to visit any Grizzlies home games for one year. During an Indiana Pacers’ game, some of their players noticed a red dot pointing at them when they were near the bus they had arrived with. A security guard from the Pacers also believed the red dot belonged to a gun.

The NBA said that a few people had to leave the area but there was no proof anyone was holding a gun. Then, March 4 happened just after a game between the Grizzlies and the Nuggets. On that day, Morant began livestreaming from inside a nightclub while he was holding a gun; however, the police did nothing about it.

Morant and Pack got into a legal fight with a teenager last summer. The teenager claimed they attacked him, but Morant said the teen attacked them and tried to ruin their reputation (slander). They both filed lawsuits against each other (Morant on April 12) and now must face off in court.

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