Messi scores early in 1st game outside Florida for Inter Miami at FC Dallas

by Sophia Chen
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Messi scores

Lionel Messi made a swift impact by scoring in his debut match with Inter Miami outside of Florida.

People were momentarily left in suspense, waiting to find out if the goal would be declared valid.

With a left-footed shot just beyond the penalty area, Messi managed to outmaneuver FC Dallas’ goalkeeper Maarten Paes, successfully striking the ball inside the left post. This incredible shot put Miami in the lead with a score of 1-0, just six minutes into the Sunday evening game.

The head referee initially dismissed the goal, ruling Josef Martinez offside as he was seen obstructing Paes’ line of sight, but the decision was later reversed upon review.

Since his move to Miami, Messi has demonstrated consistent excellence, scoring in all four games and netting six goals in total. His scoring streak included back-to-back multigoal games leading up to the Leagues Cup round of 16 match in Frisco, Texas, situated approximately 30 miles to the north of Dallas.

Messi’s second two-goal game was part of the first Leagus Cup knockout round, which faced a delay of ninety minutes due to a severe rainstorm in Florida.

The game in Texas, marking Messi’s fifth appearance in the state throughout his remarkable career, started with a sweltering 100-degree temperature (38 degrees Celsius). This marked the 14th straight day of intense heat in the Dallas area.

Due to the extreme heat, both teams were given a 25-minute heat break during the first half of the game.

Though some fans in the fully booked stadium were late to their seats because of the heat, most were present to witness Messi’s former FC Barcelona teammate Jordi Alba assist him in the scoring play.

The triumphant team of this round of 16 match was set to advance to the Leagues Cup quarterfinals, where they would face the victor of the Monday night game between Charlotte FC and Houston.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Messi scores

Q: Where did Lionel Messi score his first goal for Inter Miami outside of Florida?

A: Lionel Messi scored his first goal for Inter Miami outside of Florida in a Leagues Cup match against FC Dallas.

Q: How long did it take for Messi to score the goal?

A: Messi scored the goal in the sixth minute of the match.

Q: Was there any uncertainty about whether the goal would count?

A: Yes, initially, Josef Martinez was ruled offside for obstructing the view of FC Dallas goalkeeper Maarten Paes, but the call was overturned on review, and the goal was counted.

Q: How many games has Messi scored in since joining Miami?

A: Messi has scored in all four matches since joining Miami, accumulating a total of six goals.

Q: How did the weather affect the game in Texas?

A: The game had a kickoff temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) on the 14th consecutive day of triple-digit heat in the Dallas area, leading to a heat break at the 25-minute mark of the first half.

Q: Who set up Messi’s goal?

A: Messi’s former FC Barcelona teammate Jordi Alba passed the ball back to him, setting up the goal.

Q: What was at stake in the round of 16 match?

A: The winner of the round of 16 match would advance to the Leagues Cup quarterfinals and face the winner of the match between Charlotte FC and Houston.

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