Maui’s Historic Town Laid to Waste: Residents Face the Grim Reality of Returning to Scorched Remains

by Ethan Kim
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Cars reduced to cinders and trapped under fallen telephone poles. Elevator shafts, scorched and alone, stand as silent witnesses to the once-thriving apartment buildings they serviced. Swimming pools turned to dark, charcoal-filled basins. Children’s playthings, like trampolines and scooters, twisted and disfigured by intense heat.

On Friday, the inhabitants of Lahaina were permitted to return to their homes for the first time since wildfires claimed at least 55 lives and transformed vast stretches of the age-old town into a nightmarish landscape filled with charred debris.

Journalists from Big Big News were firsthand witnesses to the ravaging destruction, observing nearly every structure reduced to ruins on Front Street, the heart and financial core of the Maui community. Roosters, familiar figures on Hawaii’s streets, wandered aimlessly among the remains, including a chilling scene of the burned-out shells of numerous cars trapped by the flames.

“It was unbelievable how fast it struck,” said Lahaina resident Kyle Scharnhorst, surveying the wreckage of his apartment complex. “It resembled a battlefield.”

The state’s most lethal natural calamity since a 1960 tsunami that took 61 lives, these wildfires have wreaked havoc on the island. Survivors recounted the lack of warning, unable to prepare or flee until seeing the approaching fire or hearing nearby explosions.

“There were no alerts. None at all. We saw no emergency vehicles, nothing,” said Lynn Robinson, whose house was consumed by the fire.

Official records from Hawaii’s emergency management confirm that no warning sirens were activated. Alerts were sent via mobile phones, TVs, and radios, but widespread power and cell outages likely hindered their effectiveness.

Governor Josh Green has cautioned that the fatality count might climb as rescue efforts continue. He also announced that Lahaina residents could return on Friday to assess their properties, with arrangements made for water and other essential services. Access to West Maui was planned for noon, with a nightly curfew established from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

“The rebuilding process will be incredibly complex, but we want residents to safely evaluate their homes, as the situation remains perilous,” Green told Hawaii News Now.

With the dry summer and hurricane-generated winds fueling them, at least three wildfires blazed across Maui this week, laying waste to the landscape.

The most destructive fire hit Lahaina on Tuesday, leaving a haunting tableau of gray rubble, skeletal building remnants, burnt palm trees, scorched harbor boats, and a lingering stench of burning.

Summer and Gilles Gerling managed to salvage only a few precious mementos from the remnants of their home. They lost their wedding rings but expressed gratitude for their family’s safety, stating, “These are all material things.”

This tragedy marks the deadliest U.S. wildfire since California’s 2018 Camp Fire. Cadaver-sniffing dogs have been deployed to search for victims, said Maui County Mayor Richard Bissen Jr.

The risk of wildfire in Lahaina had been previously identified in Maui County’s 2020 hazard mitigation plan. Limited resources and inadequate staffing might have impeded the firefighting efforts, according to the president of the Hawaii Firefighters Association, Bobby Lee.

Lana Vierra, despite knowing her family home is gone, is eager to return to Lahaina. “To stand on your burnt land and begin thinking about moving forward – I think it will bring some peace to families,” she said, mourning the loss of irreplaceable family memories.

The devastation has left a deep and lasting impact on the Maui community. As residents begin the difficult journey of rebuilding, the haunting images of what was lost remain etched in their minds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Lahaina

What happened to Lahaina, the historic town in Maui?

Lahaina was ravaged by at least three wildfires that swept through the area, leaving at least 55 people dead. The town was transformed into a landscape filled with charred debris, with nearly every structure on Front Street flattened. Residents were allowed to return to assess the damage, facing a nightmarish scene of destruction.

How many people lost their lives in the Maui wildfires?

At least 55 people have been confirmed dead in the wildfires, but the Governor Josh Green has warned that the death toll might climb as rescue efforts continue.

What caused the wildfires in Maui, and how did they spread?

The wildfires were fueled by a combination of a dry summer and strong winds generated by a passing hurricane. The fires raced through parched brush, with the most destructive fire sweeping into Lahaina, leaving the town in ruins.

Were there any warnings or alerts for the residents?

Many survivors reported that they didn’t hear any sirens or receive warnings in time to prepare. Although officials sent alerts to mobile phones, TVs, and radios, widespread power and cellular outages may have limited their reach, leading to a lack of warning for many residents.

What are the recovery and rebuilding plans for Lahaina?

Governor Josh Green acknowledged that the recovery process will be incredibly complex. Residents were allowed to return to safely evaluate their homes, and arrangements were made for water and other essential services. A curfew was also established, and the community is beginning the difficult journey of rebuilding.

What were some of the personal stories and losses shared by residents?

Residents like Summer and Gilles Gerling shared their experiences of salvaging precious keepsakes from the ashes of their home but losing irreplaceable items like wedding rings. Lana Vierra expressed her eagerness to return to Lahaina and mourned the loss of family mementos. Many spoke of the shock, fear, and gratitude for their lives amidst the loss of material possessions.

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Jenny Smith August 12, 2023 - 12:00 am

This is so heartbreaking. i can’t imagine losing everything like that and no warning! Prayers to all in Lahaina.

SaraKim August 12, 2023 - 6:28 am

Lahaina is such a bautiful place. Been there 2 years ago. This is a real tragedy, Hope people get the support they need.

Mike_Olson August 12, 2023 - 7:57 am

why wasnt there more help from the govt? People lost their lives homes and everything, there must be better warning systems

TomCat47 August 12, 2023 - 9:18 am

This makes me so angry, you’d think in this day and age we’d have proper emergency response. lives could have been saved

Kelly_Rose August 12, 2023 - 11:56 am

My heart goes out to everyone in Maui, especially those who lost love ones and heirlooms. It’s just material things but still it hurts.


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