Matthew Perry’s ‘Friends’ co-stars reminiscence about late actor

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Matthew Perry Tributes

The late Matthew Perry’s “Friends” co-stars have shared their heartfelt reminiscences of the actor in their first personal social media posts since his passing last month. Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer took to Instagram to pay tribute to their friend and colleague, accompanied by photos from their time on the “Friends” set.

Aniston, in a post shared on Wednesday, revealed that she had been revisiting their text messages, where Perry had sent her a photo from a script reading session that had made her both laugh and cry. She expressed the deep impact of Perry’s loss and the unique emotional journey it had taken her on.

Kudrow, in her post, became the fifth “Friends” star to offer a personal tribute to Perry. She thanked him for the countless moments of laughter he had provided, recounting how his humor had led to tears of joy. She cherished the ten remarkable years they had spent together.

The cast had previously issued a joint statement after Perry’s passing, emphasizing their profound sense of loss and the familial bond they shared beyond being mere castmates.

Schwimmer posted a poignant photo of himself and Perry dressed as characters from “Miami Vice,” a cherished memory that now brings both smiles and sadness.

LeBlanc, in his post from Tuesday, expressed the honor of sharing the stage and friendship with Perry. He promised to always remember him with a smile and included a candid photo of the cast huddled together on set.

Perry’s cause of death has yet to be determined, as the Los Angeles County coroner continues the investigation.

Cox shared a video clip of a memorable “Friends” scene featuring her and Perry’s characters. She recalled how Perry would whisper funny lines to her before scenes, showcasing his humorous and kind nature.

In closing, the posts collectively emphasized Perry’s sweetness, humor, and thoughtfulness. LeBlanc concluded his tribute with a touch of humor, referencing a debt owed by Perry and bidding him a final farewell with love and fond memories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Matthew Perry Tributes

What prompted the Instagram tributes for Matthew Perry?

All five of Matthew Perry’s “Friends” co-stars shared personal social media posts following his recent passing, expressing their deep emotions and memories.

What did Jennifer Aniston mention in her Instagram post?

Jennifer Aniston reminisced about their text exchanges, sharing a photo from a script reading session where Perry made her laugh.

How did Lisa Kudrow remember Matthew Perry?

Lisa Kudrow thanked Perry for the laughter he brought into her life, recalling moments where his humor had her in tears of joy.

What was the cast’s collective message after Matthew Perry’s death?

The “Friends” cast released a joint statement expressing their profound devastation and emphasizing their familial bond.

What did David Schwimmer share in his tribute to Perry?

David Schwimmer posted a photo of himself and Perry dressed as “Miami Vice” characters, a cherished memory that now brings both smiles and sorrow.

How did Matt LeBlanc express his feelings about Perry?

Matt LeBlanc honored Perry’s memory, expressing his gratitude for their friendship and promising to remember him with a smile.

What is the status of the investigation into Matthew Perry’s cause of death?

The Los Angeles County coroner has deferred giving a cause of death, and the investigation is ongoing.

What did Courteney Cox share in her Instagram post?

Courteney Cox posted a video clip of a memorable “Friends” scene and shared a behind-the-scenes story of Perry’s humorous nature.

What qualities of Matthew Perry were highlighted in the posts?

The posts collectively emphasized Perry’s sweetness, humor, and thoughtfulness, leaving lasting impressions on his co-stars.

How did Matt LeBlanc conclude his tribute to Matthew Perry?

Matt LeBlanc added a touch of humor to his farewell, mentioning a $20 debt owed by Perry and bidding him a final goodbye with love and fond memories.

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