Masters Play Halted by Rain Again: How Sunday’s Long Day Unfolded

by Joshua Brown
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) — A big rain which left a lot of puddles everywhere at Augusta National led to play being stopped on Saturday during the Masters tournament and now Brooks Koepka and all the others will have to compete in a long Sunday game to find out who will get to wear the green champion’s jacket.

When a storm hit the area, many players came back to the course to wrap up their rounds that had been stopped earlier. Some giant pine trees fell down but luckily nobody got hurt. The workers did an amazing job and made sure that all traces of the trees were gone when people returned to the course.

The mess caused by the crushed chairs and other pieces of rubbish had been tidied up. All that was left were three sections around the 16th green and 17th tee that were fenced off, each measuring 10ft by 10ft. There were wood chips on the ground where workers had chopped down trees, and two of these areas were covered with green gravel and one with pine needles.

When Sergio Garcia was finishing his second round at the 17th hole, he tried to see where the trees had been before they were knocked down. Lots of people around him talked about it and said that it was like a miracle as nobody got hurt or died.

Larry Mize, a 1987 champion, was standing by hole 16 ready to make his putt. Suddenly he heard something and saw trees around him. He had a feeling of shock and then realized that mercifully nobody got hurt.

It was raining so much that the third round of golf had to be put on hold. The forecast is better for Sunday, when they can finish the round and then play the final one.

Fred Couples, who is 63 years old, was 1 under on his second round, setting a new record as the oldest man to make it to this event – the Masters. But he wasn’t excited about having to play 18 holes in all that rain. He said about it: “I’m not thrilled but I’m still excited to play”.

Last Friday, something strange happened; Couples only played nine holes of golf, three more than Koepka. He was on thirteen under par and had a four-shot lead. It started raining so the players and officials had to go inside for cover and the air horns sounded at 4:22 PM as another set of rain arrived. Everyone was forced to evacuate the golf course for 21 minutes because of this strange weather.

Just before the second horn sounded, three huge pine trees began to fall near the 17th tee and everyone around it started to run away. On the 16th green, Harrison Crowe was shocked when he saw one of the falling trees and started to move back as it fell, while on the 15th green, Garcia just stopped and watched in awe as everything seemed to happen slowly.

Sahith Theegala, a first-time Masters player, said he and his team were standing at the 15th hole when they saw three pine trees falling down. Luckily, two of the trees moved slowly and provided time for people to get away from them. However, several chairs got crushed under the fallen pines.

Katie Waites from Charleston, South Carolina was at the second round when everybody heard a loud crack. Looking up all three trees across the pond were falling and everyone was running around like ants! Katie held onto her friends’ hands and they asked each other if they were okay in the sudden silence.

A witness spotted a woman standing between two fallen trees and heard that a man had managed to get out from under some branches. Thankfully, no one was injured which the witness described as a “miracle”. The tournament organizers then released a statement saying that their top priority is to make sure everyone attending the Masters Tournament stays safe during this time. They will monitor for weather changes throughout the duration of the tournament.

Two people named Doug Ferguson and Paul Newberry wrote a report about golf. You can find more information about it on the websites Bigbignews.net/golf, and Twitter.com/AP_Sports.

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