Maryanne Trump Barry, Senior Judge and Older Sister of Former President, Passes Away at 86

by Lucas Garcia
Maryanne Trump Barry

Maryanne Trump Barry, the older sister of former President Donald Trump and a retired senior judge, passed away at 86 in her New York residence.

Barry served on the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals until her retirement in 2019, one step below the Supreme Court in the judicial hierarchy.

New York Police Department officials confirmed that they responded to a call at Barry’s home in Manhattan shortly before 4:30 a.m., where they found an 86-year-old woman deceased. The immediate cause of death was not determined. A judicial official, requesting anonymity due to the lack of a public announcement, confirmed her death. Neither the court nor Trump’s family had made an official statement.

There was no immediate response from Trump’s campaign team when contacted for a statement.

Robert Trump, Younger Brother of the President, Dies at 71
Ivana Trump, Former President’s First Wife, Passes Away at 73

Barry’s career in the judiciary began as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in 1974. She was appointed to a federal court in New Jersey by President Ronald Reagan and later promoted to the U.S. Court of Appeals by President Bill Clinton. She retired in 2019 during an investigation into her family’s tax affairs.

Throughout Trump’s presidency, Barry remained largely away from public attention. However, she gained media attention when her niece, Mary Trump, released secret recordings of her while promoting a book critical of the former president. In these recordings, Barry was heard expressing strong criticism of her brother, labeling him as unprincipled and cruel.

The former president’s younger brother, Robert Trump, died in 2020 at age 71, with a memorial service held at the White House. Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana Trump, died in 2022 at 73.

Barry’s death was initially reported by the Daily Voice in Nassau County.

The report was compiled by Dale in Philadelphia, with contributions from Jill Colvin of Big Big News.

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NatureFanatic November 13, 2023 - 10:33 pm

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Such a peaceful scene, the colors are so vibrant and that light from the setting sun is just perfect. makes me want to start painting again

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gotta say, autumn’s my favorite time for hiking and this pic captures why! those colors are amazing, makes me wanna be there now…


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