Mark Wahlberg on his action-comedy ‘The Family Plan’ and his dreams for Hollywood 2.0

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Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg, a seasoned actor, acknowledges the challenge of finding a film suitable for the entire family, particularly when teenagers are in the mix. This prompted his involvement in “The Family Plan,” a delightful action-comedy where he plays the role of a former assassin turned suburban father, whose shadowy past resurfaces. The film is set to be available for streaming on Apple TV+ this Friday.

According to Wahlberg, while there are movies that parents endure for the sake of their children or vice versa, “The Family Plan” truly stands out as a cinematic experience designed for the entire family.

Early in the film, Wahlberg’s character is thrust into a grocery store brawl with his 10-month-old baby strapped to his chest in a carrier. This unexpected situation sets the tone for the movie. The subsequent plot twist involves convincing his wife and teenagers to embark on a cross-country road trip while he attempts to evade a looming threat that he desperately keeps hidden from his family.

The grocery store skirmish, featuring the baby, posed a significant challenge. Director Simon Cellan Jones, known for his work on “Boardwalk Empire,” found the concept intriguing but insisted on using real babies rather than dolls. However, getting the twins to react appropriately while action sequences unfolded proved to be an arduous task. Surprisingly, in the editing room, they discovered that the babies had indeed performed exceptionally well, capturing the essence of the scene.

Actress Michelle Monaghan, who plays a key role in the film, expressed her enthusiasm for the project, noting that it was one of the funniest scripts she had come across in a long time. She was particularly excited about the blend of action and comedy, along with high-octane action sequences, all grounded in the heartwarming story of a family worth rooting for.

A noteworthy aspect of the film is that much of it was shot in Mark Wahlberg’s new home city of Las Vegas. Wahlberg envisions turning Las Vegas into a Hollywood 2.0, complete with tax incentives, a studio, and improved living conditions for film crews. His family relocated from Los Angeles to Las Vegas last year, and they have already embarked on two movie projects there. Wahlberg emphasizes the need for guaranteed work opportunities to attract talent and maintain the state’s interest in offering tax credits.

Wahlberg and Cellan Jones have another project in the works, “Arthur the King,” based on the true story of an adventure racer who forms a bond with a stray dog during a 435-mile journey through the Dominican Republic. This film offers a different perspective, focusing on discovering heroes in unexpected places, particularly if you’re a dog enthusiast.

Mark Wahlberg also serves as a producer for “Arthur the King,” which is scheduled for theatrical release by Lionsgate in March. Regarding the ongoing debate between theatrical releases and streaming platforms, Wahlberg acknowledges the evolving landscape of content consumption and the appeal of working with companies like Apple.

In a surprising twist, Wahlberg found that the family-friendly “The Family Plan” was best enjoyed on the living room television. With only one F-bomb in the PG-13 rated film, it provided a safe and engaging viewing experience for the whole family, free from the distractions of devices.

In summary, Mark Wahlberg’s involvement in “The Family Plan” highlights his commitment to creating family-oriented entertainment while exploring new opportunities in Las Vegas to revolutionize the film industry. His dedication to quality and adaptability to changing viewing habits underscores his enduring success in Hollywood.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mark Wahlberg

What is “The Family Plan” about?

“The Family Plan” is a charming action-comedy starring Mark Wahlberg as a former assassin turned suburban dad. The movie revolves around his character’s attempt to protect his family when his mysterious past catches up with him.

Who directed “The Family Plan”?

The film was directed by Simon Cellan Jones, a veteran television director known for his work on “Boardwalk Empire.”

Where can I watch “The Family Plan”?

You can stream “The Family Plan” on Apple TV+.

What is Mark Wahlberg’s vision for Las Vegas in the film industry?

Mark Wahlberg envisions transforming Las Vegas into a hub for the film industry, often referred to as “Hollywood 2.0.” His plans include offering tax incentives, establishing a studio, and improving the quality of life for film crews in the city.

What other projects are Mark Wahlberg and Simon Cellan Jones working on?

Mark Wahlberg and Simon Cellan Jones have another project in the pipeline called “Arthur the King,” based on the true story of an adventure racer and his bond with a stray dog during a 435-mile journey through the Dominican Republic. This film offers a different perspective, focusing on discovering heroes in unexpected places.

How does Mark Wahlberg view the debate between theatrical releases and streaming platforms?

Mark Wahlberg acknowledges the changing landscape of content consumption. He emphasizes the need to adapt to evolving viewer preferences and is excited about collaborating with companies like Apple in this evolving industry.

Why did Mark Wahlberg find it suitable to watch “The Family Plan” in the living room?

Mark Wahlberg found that “The Family Plan” was a family-friendly film with a PG-13 rating and only one instance of strong language (F-bomb). As a result, he felt comfortable watching it in the living room without the need for hiding or distractions from devices.

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