At the NCAA Tournament, something crazy and unusual just happened! For the first time since 1979, there won’t be any No. 1 seed teams making it to the Elite Eight round. That means that all of these players competing in this tournament have similar skills and talent. San Diego State coach Brian Dutcher said “You’re seeing that on this stage” – meaning that everyone is pretty good at basketball too!

This year, Purdue, Kansas, Houston and Alabama are all out of the Final Four tournament. This means that none of the four teams considered to be the best in the country by the NCAA have made it through which hasn’t happened since 2011 and only three times overall. Since 1985 when the tournament was expanded to 64 teams, this is also the fewest number of wins (5) this group has had.

The basketball team from Texas beat Xavier’s team 83-71 on Friday night with the help of their interim coach Rodney Terry. This was a big moment because usually there would be two or more teams in the Elite Eight, made up of both number one and two seeds, that have not happened before this year.

The national championship game is guaranteed to feature at least one of these teams: San Diego State, Creighton, Florida Atlantic or Kansas State. None of these four teams have ever gotten to the part of the tournament known as the Elite Eight. The team from Kansas State was predicted to lose all of the games in its league this season. One thing we can be absolutely certain about is that whoever wins, it will be the first time for their coach winning a championship title.

Alabama coach Nate Oats said that there are lots of really great teams in the country, and this makes the NCAA Tournament so special. The madness of the tournament began in its East Region when a small underdog team named Fairleigh Dickinson shocked everyone by being just the second team ever to beat a No.1 seed! Purdue was knocked out.

Arkansas pulled off an upset by beating Kansas, who was the national champion from last year and was seeded No. 1 in the West Region, during the second round.

Things didn’t go well for Alabama on Friday, who was the No. 1 overall seed of the bracket. They couldn’t handle San Diego State’s team strategy and lost 71-64 in Louisville, Kentucky. This is actually the first time a Mountain West Conference school has made it to the Elite Eight!

Miami overwhelmed the defending champions Houston in the Midwest Region with a 89-75 win in Missouri. Hurricanes’ coach Jim Larranaga was ecstatic from the results and could be seen dancing around the locker room! Sadly, this is only one game out of many: If Houston made even one small mistake, their shot of getting to the Elite Eight would have been gone.

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