March Madness Elite 8 Arrives With a Twist: How to Watch & Bet on the Exciting Action

by Michael Nguyen
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It’s time for March Madness Elite Eight! The NCAA did something a little different in this year’s women’s tournament. Instead of four regions, there are only two – Greenville, South Carolina and Seattle. Here’s the scoop:

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The Terrapins are about to take on the defending champion Gamecocks, just like in the beginning of the season when South Carolina won easily with 81-56. The Terps battled Notre Dame and emerged victorious with 76-59, giving them their first Elite Eight spot in eight years. But this time they are going up against Dawn Staley’s team which is a different scenario than before. The Gamecocks dominated UCLA 59-43 relying heavily on their defensive tactics and got 14 rebounds from All-Star Aliyah Boston for an incredible 41 wins in a row!

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Ohio State have done something no other 14 teams were able to do before: defeating the Huskies and ending their fourteen-year run of reaching the Final Four. This was accomplished by them forcing 25 turnovers. To top it off, Virginia Tech beat another prestigious women’s team, the Lady Vols 73-64. Their guard Georgia Amoore was unstoppable during this match, with her career-high 29 points scored against Tennessee. The Hokies have now been victorious for a consecutive fourteen matches but have never gone as far as they are in the NCAA Tournament right now.

“South Carolina, Virginia Tech Remain After Stanford and Indiana Quickly Fall in Tournament”

Four of the best teams in the tournament were from South Carolina, Indiana, Stanford, and Virginia Tech. However, Stanford was kicked out first last week and then later on the same day, Indiana got eliminated by Miami.

Player of the Year Aliyah Boston Leads Talent-Packed Female Basketball Tournament!

The female basketball tournament has a lot of great players, such as Aliyah Boston from South Carolina who got the player of the year award last season. This year she will have lots of competition like Iowa’s Caitlin Clark and LSU’s Angel Reese who are both good shooters.

The famous Cavinder twins, Haley and Hanna, moved to Miami after playing at Fresno State. They were successful enough to participate in their first tournament together. This year’s tournament has a lot of international players which is becoming more popular in women’s basketball.

Stellar Performances by Osborne, Pili, Reese and Clark Lead Teams to Sweet 16 and Beyond!

Charisma Osborne scored a super impressive 36 points to help UCLA win an exciting game against Oklahoma and make it to the Sweet 16. Alissa Pili also did really well with 33 points, 8 rebounds and even 8 assists – leading her team to victory over Gardner-Webb.

Reese has been absolutely incredible in three wins for LSU, coming away with 76 points and 52 rebounds combined. All-American Clark also had a great showing while playing for Iowa, totalling up 79 points and 32 assists in their 3 wins so far.

Gun Controversy, Supreme Court Ruling, and Women’s Basketball Tournament

Bad things have happened in college sports this season because of guns, and many coaches have had to deal with it. Also, the Supreme Court ruled on a very important case that everyone is talking about. If you like watching women’s basketball, try taking a quiz to test your knowledge! Do people think having super-strong teams is good for the game?

Do you want to know what a couple of athletes have to say about their experiences in the tournament? Kiki Rice, who is a freshman at UCLA and Paige Bueckers, an injured player from UConn have written diary entries that were published by The AP which reveals all the details of their “journey”!

“Don’t Miss a Moment

For the first time since 1996, the title game will be broadcast on a national network – ABC. ESPN’s networks or streaming sites will also show at least 6 other games during the tournament. To know when and what channel to watch these games, you can find all the details of the women’s tournament in different sites including NCAA’s site.

Who Will Repeat UConn’s Championship Win Streak? South Carolina Has the Best Odds!

Are you curious about which team will win the national championship?

According to FanDuel Sportsbook, the favorites are South Carolina, UConn, LSU, Iowa, Maryland and Tennessee. Plus, South Carolina is a bigger favorite to become the first team to repeat as champions since UConn won four straight championships in 2016.

Watch the Best of the Best

The Women’s Final Four is happening in Dallas from March 31 to April 2. If you want to catch the Men’s Final Four too, it’s just four hours away in Houston on the same weekend! Check out these websites or follow the @AP_Top25 Twitter account for more news and updates about the games.

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