Manhattan DA Delays Grand Jury Session on Trump: What Does This Mean?

by Madison Thomas
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The prosecutors in Manhattan had planned a grand jury session on Wednesday to investigate Donald Trump about some money he had paid during his campaign for the presidency in 2016. However, this meeting was postponed and it looks like decisions about charging him have slowed down for now. This is according to four people familiar with the situation.

On Thursday, a group of people in New York were told to be ready for something important. It looks like they might also hear from one more person and make a decision about whether President Trump should be charged with something or not. We don’t know why the Wednesday sessions were cancelled but it’s not because of any concerns over safety.

The Republican Party is talking about billionaire investor George Soros in connection to the investigation around Donald Trump. This inquiry may end up with Donald Trump being formally charged, which would be totally unheard of since it has never happened before. Police officers are getting ready just in case something bad happens as a result of this charge, as Donald Trump is saying that he might get arrested.

A few people, who asked to remain anonymous, told Big Big News that the grand jury meeting won’t be happening as planned. The district attorney’s office didn’t give any detail on this news, which was shared earlier by Business Insider.

The due date of a task has been put off, and it looks like the people organizing it are almost done. They’re trying to figure out if President Trump was involved in a payment of $130,000 made in 2016 to an adult film actress called Stormy Daniels. She said that she had slept with him years ago.

Trump has denied this ever happened, and he said that the investigation by Alvin Bragg, who is a District Attorney from Manhattan, is only happening because of politics.

Prosecutors asked Donald Trump to come talk to a jury on Monday. They wanted to make sure that people who favor him have the chance to tell them information that could help his case. Over the weekend, Trump said he thought he was going to get arrested on Tuesday, but it didn’t happen.

Tucker gave a news report from Washington. Writers Michael Balsamo and Colleen Long helped make this report happen.

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