“Man and 12-Year-Old Arrested Over Fatal Shooting at Texas Sonic Restaurant”

by Joshua Brown
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Police in Keene, Texas have arrested two people on a murder charge for the shooting death of an employee at a local Sonic Drive-In. Matthew Davis, 32, was killed during a fight with Angel Gomez who is 20-years-old while another 12-year-old boy has also been taken into custody. The incident happened Saturday night near Dallas which is about 40 miles away from the restaurant.

The boy was at a restaurant with Gomez and then took a gun from his car. He used the gun to shoot Davis multiple times, which led to him being taken to hospital where he sadly passed away. The police said the boy had an AR-style rifle when he committed this shooting.

Gomez and the boy ran away from the place, but Gomez came back again and was caught by police. The boy had been taken into custody in Rio Vista, which is not too far away from the spot. No charges have been put against them yet. This shooting happened recently after two serious gun-related incidents that made Texas more aware of guns.

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