Live updates | Israel open to ‘little pauses’ as it bombards Gaza

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Israel-Hamas Conflict

The text you provided discusses various aspects of the Israel-Hamas war and related developments. It mentions Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s stance on maintaining control over Gaza, the Palestinian death toll, international efforts for humanitarian pauses, and other events related to the conflict. If you have any specific questions or need more information on a particular aspect of this topic, please feel free to ask.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Israel-Hamas Conflict

What is the latest update on the Israel-Hamas conflict?

The latest update on the Israel-Hamas conflict includes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement on maintaining control over Gaza and his openness to “little pauses” in fighting. The UN Security Council’s failure to agree on a resolution, protests at the Port of Tacoma, and the arrest of Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi in the West Bank are also notable developments.

What is Netanyahu’s stance regarding Gaza?

Netanyahu expressed Israel’s intention to have “overall security responsibility” in Gaza for an indefinite period after the conflict. He is open to temporary pauses in fighting but ruled out a general cease-fire without the release of hostages.

What is the UN Security Council’s position on the conflict?

The UN Security Council has been unable to agree on a resolution. While the U.S. calls for “humanitarian pauses,” other members demand a “humanitarian cease-fire” for aid delivery and civilian protection in Gaza.

Why were there protests at the Port of Tacoma?

Protesters at the Port of Tacoma were calling for a cease-fire in Gaza and believed that a military supply ship there was to be loaded with weapons bound for Israel. The claims about the ship’s cargo could not be immediately verified.

Who is Ahed Tamimi, and why was she arrested?

Ahed Tamimi is a Palestinian activist who gained international recognition for her actions as a teenager when she spent eight months in prison for slapping an Israeli soldier. She was arrested again, this time for alleged terrorist activity and incitement through social media.

What role is the CIA Director playing in the conflict?

CIA Director William Burns is in the Middle East, discussing matters related to the Israel-Hamas conflict. This includes the fate of hostages held by Hamas and preventing the regional escalation of the conflict.

What is the significance of the Ohio-class submarine in Middle East waters?

The Ohio-class submarine in Middle East waters is not armed with nuclear weapons. It is an SSGN, a guided missile submarine variant that supports U.S. military cargo movement in the region. The announcement of its location by U.S. Central Command is unusual.

What happened with the evacuation of critically ill patients at the Rafah crossing point?

The International Committee of the Red Cross accompanied a convoy of critically wounded patients from Gaza City’s al-Shifa hospital to the Rafah crossing into Egypt. This evacuation was part of a deal among Egypt, Israel, and Hamas for medical treatment and the exit of foreign passport holders from Gaza.

How has the Shati refugee camp been affected by the conflict?

Palestinians who fled southward reported heavy Israeli bombardment of the Shati refugee camp. Houses were destroyed, and many were dead or wounded. First responders and medics worked to retrieve the victims during a communications blackout.

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