Lawsuit Seeks $13 Million from Utah Woman Accused of Killing Husband after Publishing Grief Book

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Grief book lawsuit

A lawsuit was filed on Tuesday against Kouri Richins, a Utah woman who authored a children’s book on coping with grief after her husband’s passing. The lawsuit claims that she is responsible for his fatal poisoning and seeks over $13 million in damages, alleging financial misconduct before and after his death.

Katie Richins, the sister of Kouri Richins’ late husband Eric Richins, filed the lawsuit in state court. It accuses Kouri Richins of various financial wrongdoings, including taking money from her husband’s bank accounts, diverting funds meant for his tax payments, and obtaining a fraudulent loan. These alleged actions occurred prior to Eric Richins’ death in March 2022.

Kouri Richins currently faces murder charges in connection with her husband’s demise.

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The lawsuit claims that Kouri Richins engaged in these financial activities “to conceal her ruinous debt, misappropriate assets for the benefit of her personal businesses, orchestrate Eric’s demise, and profit from his passing.”

As of Wednesday, Kouri Richins’ attorney, Skye Lazaro, had not responded to an email seeking comment.

According to prosecutors, Kouri Richins, 33, allegedly poisoned Eric Richins, 39, by administering a Moscow mule cocktail laced with a lethal dose of fentanyl.

Later, as a mother of three, she self-published a children’s book called “Are You with Me?” The book portrays a deceased father with angel wings watching over his sons. Kouri Richins promoted the book on television and radio, presenting it as a resource to help children cope with the loss of a loved one.

The lawsuit also requests an injunction against Richins from selling the book and demands that any profits derived from it be surrendered. The lawsuit argues that the book references events and details from Eric Richins’ life and his relationship with his children.

In the criminal case, the defense contends that the prosecution simply accepted the narrative presented by Eric Richins’ family that Kouri Richins had poisoned him and then attempted to build a case to support it. The defense further claims that the prosecution’s focus on Richins’ financial motives only demonstrates her poor financial judgment and does not prove her guilt in the murder case.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Grief book lawsuit

What is the lawsuit about?

The lawsuit is about a Utah woman who wrote a children’s book on grief after her husband’s death. She is accused of his fatal poisoning and is being sued for alleged financial wrongdoing before and after his death.

Who filed the lawsuit?

The lawsuit was filed by Katie Richins, the sister of the late husband, against Kouri Richins, the woman who wrote the grief book.

What are the allegations in the lawsuit?

The lawsuit alleges that Kouri Richins took money from her husband’s bank accounts, diverted funds intended for his taxes, obtained a fraudulent loan, and engaged in other financial misconduct before his death.

What charges does Kouri Richins face?

Kouri Richins has been charged with murder in connection with her husband’s death.

What is the book mentioned in the text?

The book is titled “Are You with Me?” and it is a self-published children’s book by Kouri Richins. It portrays a deceased father watching over his sons and is intended to help children cope with the loss of a loved one.

What does the lawsuit seek?

The lawsuit seeks over $13 million in damages from Kouri Richins and also aims to prevent her from selling the book and to obtain any profits made from it. The lawsuit argues that the book includes references to events and details from the late husband’s life and his relationship with his children.

What is the defense’s argument in the criminal case?

The defense argues that the prosecution based their case on the narrative presented by the late husband’s family and worked backward to support it. They claim that the prosecution’s focus on financial motives does not prove Kouri Richins’ guilt in the murder case.

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