Knicks Dominate Cavaliers with Unbeatable Toughness and Togetherness

by Joshua Brown
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The New York Knicks had to do without their All-Star player in the locker room with an injured ankle, but they didn’t allow it to break them down. Instead of giving up, this tough group kept going and worked hard. Their attitude made them stronger even when facing difficulties.

RJ Barrett, a Knicks forward, said that everybody on the team must give their all. Together they make a powerful force and this was proved when the Knicks defeated Cleveland Cavaliers and moved into the second round of NBA playoffs. This hasn’t happened since 2000 when Jeff Van Gundy was their coach.

The New York Knicks sealed off their series with a spectacular victory, 106-95, on Wednesday night. Jalen Brunson pushed the final score higher with 23 points and Barrett added 21 points as well. Immanuel Quickley and Obi Toppin gave a major boost to the team with 17 and 12 individual points respectively. Most of all though, Mitchell Robinson had an outstanding performance with 18 rebounds – 11 from those shots were offensive.

The Knicks were the underdogs in this series, but even when Julius Randle sprained his ankle and had to leave during the first half, they still managed to beat the inexperienced Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs ended up with physical and emotional bruises from the match while the Knicks can now rest assured knowing they are crowned as the winners. Even though people thought it was going to be a close game, New York won by a landslide.

The New York team dominated the Cavs in every way. They used a really hard and physical type of basketball, which is the style the New York coach Tom Thibodeau usually has his teams play. The players from New York were full of energy and wouldn’t stop, just like their city that never sleeps!

Thibodueau said that everyone loves the way this team plays – they give it their all, play in a smart and united manner, and the people of New York really appreciate it. But we still have to do more – there are many things we need to get better at so we can ace our next challenge.

The New York Knicks are about to face off against their rival team, the Miami Heat. Last weekend at Madison Square Garden, the crowd made a lot of noise and it rattled the Cleveland Cavaliers. The two teams have had some really intense matches before in the late 1990s, and more recently in 2012 – where the Knicks actually won all 4 times they’ve face each other this season. However, right now there could be an issue because one of the players is not feeling well.

The main scorer of the New York team got hurt last month while playing, which made him miss the following five games. Before their game against Cleveland, his condition still wasn’t perfect and he didn’t get to finish the fourth quarter in Game 4. In the fifth game, halfway through he limped off which almost meant that the Knicks would have gone home with a 3-2 score.

Reggie Brunson, who played better than the Cleveland Cavaliers’ star player Donovan Mitchell in two back-to-back playoffs, kept everyone on the New York Knicks relaxed while Obi Toppin stepped in place of Julius Randle and scored 12 points. Two of these points included amazing dunks! Brunson later wore a t-shirt with an image of another Knicks legend John Starks dunking on it. And what’s even more cool is that Brunson’s father played three out of eight seasons for the Knicks! So he knows the inside scoop about the team.

Brunson had a special connection to this series because the Knicks hired him last year, and he was their star player. Even though he was very impressive, Josh Hart still joked around with him in a friendly way.

Hart, who joined the New York team during the trade deadline, joked that a certain player was undersized, but he is still proving people wrong by playing really well. Hart also said they were all not surprised because this star player had shown it in last year’s playoffs and he has been consistently good throughout this season too. Hart even reached out to one of his former Villanova teammates while they were at the table.

Hart said to Brunson in a joking way, “You’re an All-Star!”

But Brunson replied, “Don’t touch me!” and the Cavaliers couldn’t.

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