Kevin McCarthy was an early architect of the Republican majority that became his downfall

by Ryan Lee
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Kevin McCarthy's Political Journey

The day preceding his removal from office, Kevin McCarthy, the House Speaker, was immersed in one of his cherished activities—welcoming tourists at the Capitol while extolling the site’s beauty and its historical significance as the heart of American democracy.

However, on the subsequent day, McCarthy found his House closed, his Republican majority thrown into disarray, and legislative paralysis looming on the horizon, a development with grave consequences for the functioning of the U.S. government. The absence of a Speaker of the House, a constitutional officer second in line to the presidency, cripples the Congress, rendering it incapable of passing laws, funding the government, and fulfilling its role as the branch of government closest to the people. This precarious situation engenders significant risk to the democratic system, as noted by Matthew Green, a Congress expert at Catholic University.

For McCarthy, this marks the culmination of his political career, which began with running a sandwich counter in Bakersfield, California, and ascended to the highest echelons of power, only to be undone by the hard-right Republican lawmakers he once recruited to Congress but could not control.

Democrats seized the opportunity to remove him, exhibiting ruthless partisan politics. Representative Abigail Spanberger of Virginia succinctly summed up the sentiment: “He had made his bed.”

McCarthy played a pivotal role in shaping the new Republican Party during his nearly 20 years in office, particularly in the 2010 election that saw a surge of conservative “tea party” Republicans gaining control of the House. As the campaign chairman who recruited these newcomers, he demonstrated remarkable fundraising skills and an astute eye for unique candidates. McCarthy’s influence extended to adding hard-right figures to Republican ranks.

Teaming up with Majority Leader Eric Cantor and future Speaker Paul Ryan as part of the “Young Guns” trio, McCarthy’s political acumen and extensive network of connections with wealthy donors were instrumental for the party.

This period marked the beginning of a party transformation that persists today, leaving the question of who, if anyone, can lead House Republicans in its wake. McCarthy’s initial bid for the speaker’s position in 2015 faltered as fellow Republicans viewed him as insufficiently conservative, and he eventually yielded to Paul Ryan.

As the party descended into minority status with Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the helm, McCarthy undertook the task of recruiting the class of 2020 Republicans to reclaim control of the House, setting the stage for another historic speaker’s role.

Yet, McCarthy’s path to becoming speaker was marred by a contentious 15-vote battle within his own party, foreshadowing his eventual ouster. Despite the challenges, he embraced the role and underwent a noticeable transformation, exuding confidence and a “never quit” attitude.

However, McCarthy ultimately succumbed to the increasingly hard-right faction within the Republican Party. In January, a group led by Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida blocked his bid for House speaker, and many of them participated in the recent vote to remove him from the position, citing grievances including the government shutdown deal.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell offered a piece of advice to McCarthy’s successor: eliminate the “motion to vacate,” which he believed rendered the speaker’s job impossible.

McCarthy, on his way out, expressed his frustration and hinted at using his substantial campaign funds to challenge those who opposed him, with the aim of steering the Republican Party back to an earlier vision of itself.

In the end, McCarthy’s tenure as speaker, one of the shortest in history, concluded abruptly as he chose not to pursue the gavel once more, departing from the role he once vowed never to abandon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Kevin McCarthy’s Political Journey

What led to Kevin McCarthy’s ousting as House Speaker?

Kevin McCarthy’s ousting as House Speaker was the result of a combination of factors. He faced opposition from hard-right Republican lawmakers who viewed him as insufficiently conservative. Additionally, Democrats played a role in helping remove him through partisan politics.

What role did Kevin McCarthy play in shaping the Republican Party?

Kevin McCarthy played a pivotal role in reshaping the Republican Party during his nearly 20 years in office. He was instrumental in the 2010 election, which saw the rise of “tea party” Republicans taking control of the House. McCarthy’s fundraising skills and talent for identifying unique candidates added to the party’s ranks, even when it meant electing hard-right figures.

Why did McCarthy’s initial bid for the speaker’s position fail in 2015?

McCarthy’s initial attempt to become House Speaker in 2015 faltered because fellow Republicans perceived him as insufficiently conservative. This perception, coupled with other reservations, led him to withdraw his candidacy, paving the way for Paul Ryan to assume the role.

What challenges did McCarthy face during his tenure as House Speaker?

McCarthy’s tenure as House Speaker was marked by internal party divisions, including opposition from hard-right lawmakers. He had to navigate these divisions, including contentious battles within his own party, such as the vote on the government shutdown deal.

What impact did McCarthy’s departure have on the Republican Party?

McCarthy’s departure as House Speaker left an open question about who would lead House Republicans. His exit reflected the ongoing struggle within the Republican Party between its more moderate and hard-right factions, a dynamic that continues to shape the party’s direction.

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