K-pop Star Moon Bin Passes Away Suddenly at Home

by Andrew Wright
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A musician named Moon Bin, who was part of a South Korean boyband called Astro, was found dead at his home in Seoul (a city in South Korea) on Thursday according to his managers.

On Wednesday night, the 25-year-old singer’s manager went to his home because they couldn’t reach him and sadly he was found dead. The police are looking into what happened but right now don’t think anything bad caused it. Authorities have not responded to questions about this yet.

The agency of Moon Bin, Fantagio, recently announced his death in a statement. They said that Moon Bin has become a star in the sky and everyone is feeling deep sadness and shock. According to his relatives’ wishes, his funeral will be held quietly with mostly just family, close friends and colleagues attending it.

Moon Bin began his music career in 2016 as part of a band called Astro. The group was made famous after they appeared on a TV reality show, and soon started becoming popular both in South Korea and Japan. In that same year, Billboard Magazine put them on their list of the top 10 new K-pop groups. People said they had an awesome “bright, synthpop sound” that everyone loved listening to!

According to Billboard, Astro were pretty popular worldwide because seven of their albums had been on the Billboard World Albums Chart. One particular album reached fifth place in 2017 – it was called “Dream Part.02”.

After recently signing a contract with Fantagio alongside four other Astro members, fans around the world have been absolutely shocked to hear about Moon Bin’s death and have been leaving messages of grief on social media.

Radio host Jang Seong-kyu was surprised and said that he had only met Moon Bin (who is also a member of Astro band) several times, but he was always cheerful and loved his family. However, due to some “unavoidable circumstances”, Moonbin & Sanha duo (which consists of Moon Bin and Yoon San-ha from Astro band) have canceled their performance in Jakarta.

Helix Publicity, an American public relations agency that represents Moonbin & Sanha, has put out a tweet saying that they are very upset. They also wrote how they are sending their thoughts and condolences to Moon Bin’s family, friends, and all the Astro fans who supported him with wishes of love.

Moon Bin started out as an actor when he was a kid and got a role on the TV show Boys Over Flowers which was really famous in Asia. His sister, Moon Sua, is part of the female K-pop group Billlie.

Recently, many South Korean singers and actors have killed themselves unfortunately, which has made people talk about hard competition in the growing entertainment industry, hurtful comments from people on the Internet and company managements not helping enough with their artists’ mental health issues.

Last week, Jung Chae-yull who was 26 years old died suddenly in her home but nobody knows what made it happen.

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