Justin Fields runs for 104 yards and passes for 169 in his return. Bears lose to Lions 31-26

by Sophia Chen
Justin Fields' Return

In his much-anticipated return to the field, Justin Fields showcased his prowess, coming tantalizingly close to a flawless performance. After a three-game absence due to a dislocated thumb, the Chicago Bears’ quarterback demonstrated his mettle, completing 16 of 23 passes for a total of 169 yards and securing a touchdown. His ground game was equally impressive, amassing 104 rushing yards on a career-high 18 carries. However, despite Fields’ heroics, the Bears fell short in a 31-26 defeat to the Detroit Lions.

The critical moment that could have sealed victory for Chicago arrived with just 2:51 left on the game clock. Leading 26-21, the Bears faced a third-and-9 situation from their own 26-yard line. Fields targeted star receiver DJ Moore on a crossing route, but Detroit’s deep safety descended to provide coverage support.

This strategic maneuver left rookie Tyler Scott in a one-on-one situation on a deep route, prompting Fields to adjust his pass. The throw appeared impeccable, yet as Scott turned to locate the ball, a slight stumble caused it to slip through his grasp. Fields reflected on the pivotal play, stating, “If we hit that, it is game over. He was running straight, but I think he got a little off balance when he turned his head. That’s what caused him to miss it. He’s a really good young player with a big future in this game, and the next time he’ll probably make that catch.”

Regrettably, this time, the catch eluded Scott. Consequently, the Bears punted, and the Lions capitalized by mounting a 73-yard drive, culminating in a game-winning touchdown with a mere 29 seconds remaining. Fields had one final opportunity, but Aidan Hutchinson disrupted his attempt, resulting in a fumble that rolled through the end zone, granting the Lions a safety and securing a 31-26 victory.

Fields, known for his ability to accumulate over 100 rushing yards against the Lions on three occasions in the past two seasons, saw his remarkable average of 5.8 yards per carry on this day, primarily from designed runs. However, the opportunity to extend this on crucial plays proved elusive.

In a pivotal moment early in the fourth quarter, with the Bears leading 20-14, Fields was halted inches short of a first down on a 3rd-and-1 sneak. Faced with fourth-and-inches on the Detroit 23, head coach Matt Eberflus and offensive coordinator Luke Getsy opted for a 40-yard field goal. Eberflus explained their decision, saying, “Obviously, we thought about going for it there. We have a lot of confidence in our offense, especially the way Justin was running the ball, but we decided to take the nine-point lead and make them score twice.”

After the defense executed a three-and-out, the Bears managed to chew more than eight minutes off the clock before adding another field goal, extending their lead to 26-14 with just 4:15 remaining. Eberflus added, “By kicking another field goal, we knew we had a 12-point lead and we had a chance to force the Lions to start using their timeouts.”

Nevertheless, Detroit had other plans, orchestrating a rapid six-play, 76-second drive, resulting in a 32-yard touchdown pass from Jared Goff to Jameson Williams. Scott then signaled for a fair catch on the ensuing kickoff, granting Chicago possession at the 25 with 2:59 left on the clock.

In the critical sequence that followed, Khalil Herbert attempted two runs up the middle, gaining no ground and only one yard. The Lions exhausted their first two timeouts, leaving a mere 8 seconds on the game clock when Fields launched the pivotal deep pass to Scott. Fields remarked, “On second down, it was a run-option play, but against their defense, I knew I had to give it to Khalil. Believe me, if I have a chance to keep the ball, I will, but it wasn’t there.”

Had Scott successfully secured the catch, the Lions would have been forced to expend their final timeout, with the Bears already within field-goal range. Unfortunately for Chicago, destiny had other plans, as Detroit regained possession with 2:33 remaining and executed an improbable comeback.

Reflecting on the game, Fields emphasized the importance of capitalizing on turnovers, stating, “We got four turnovers, but we need to turn more of them into touchdowns. If we do that today, we win the game.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Justin Fields’ Return

What were Justin Fields’ stats in his return game against the Detroit Lions?

In his return game, Justin Fields completed 16 of 23 passes for 169 yards, scored a touchdown, and rushed for 104 yards on 18 carries.

What pivotal moment almost sealed victory for the Chicago Bears?

With just 2:51 left on the game clock and the Bears leading 26-21, a potential game-sealing pass to rookie Tyler Scott was narrowly missed, allowing the Lions to mount a comeback.

Why did the Bears opt for a field goal in a critical fourth-quarter situation?

Facing fourth-and-inches on the Detroit 23, the Bears decided to kick a 40-yard field goal to extend their lead to nine points, aiming to make the Lions score twice for a comeback.

How did the Lions manage to stage a late-game comeback?

The Lions orchestrated a rapid drive, scoring a touchdown and narrowing the gap to 26-21, followed by a successful onside kick and another touchdown pass for the win.

What takeaway did Justin Fields emphasize after the game?

Fields highlighted the importance of converting turnovers into touchdowns, believing it would have led to a different outcome in the game.

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SportsGeek88 November 20, 2023 - 1:17 pm

fields missed da big shot, lions roared back. crazy game.

FootballFever November 21, 2023 - 1:19 am

lions used tricks, made big comeback. fields gotta score more.


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