Jonathan Majors’ accuser said actor’s ‘violent temper’ left her fearful before alleged assault

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Abuse Allegations

Jonathan Majors’ former girlfriend testified before a Manhattan jury, revealing a disturbing pattern of behavior that she claimed made her fearful in the months leading up to his arrest for an alleged assault in the spring. Grace Jabbari, a 30-year-old professional dancer from the United Kingdom, described Majors as a controlling and manipulative partner who exhibited fits of rage. During her emotional testimony, she recounted how he hurled household objects at walls, sought to control her socially, and even threatened to take his own life following their arguments.

Jabbari expressed that living with Majors felt like walking on eggshells, with constant pressure to be perfect. During the trial, Majors appeared distant, often avoiding eye contact with Jabbari while she detailed his struggles to control his violent temper.

This testimony occurred during the second day of the trial against Jonathan Majors, a rising Hollywood actor known for his role as “Kang the Conqueror” in the Marvel cinematic universe. The fate of his upcoming film projects remains uncertain due to his arrest in March on charges of assaulting Jabbari, an incident that stemmed from her attempt to read a text message on his phone sent by another woman. Majors’ attorney has consistently claimed that he was the victim in this confrontation.

Majors seems to be banking on this trial, a rare occurrence for misdemeanor cases, to clear his name and salvage his career, which has been put on hold in the wake of his arrest. Jabbari pointed out that the actor’s aggressive behavior first escalated during the filming of the Sundance-award winning drama “Magazine Dreams” in July 2022. Struggling with a demanding diet and rigorous training regimen for his role as a body-builder, Majors allegedly became increasingly aggressive, leading to arguments that resulted in damage to their West Hollywood home.

Several months later, while filming in England, another incident occurred when Jabbari returned home from a bar with a friend while feeling tipsy. Majors berated her for not following “the plan” and compared her to the supportive partners of famous men like Coretta Scott King and Michelle Obama.

Although Jabbari did not report physical violence from Majors before the March 25th incident, she emphasized her fear of him. Majors allegedly made multiple threats of suicide, pleading with her not to disclose his outbursts to anyone.

Prosecutors have portrayed these episodes as part of a “cruel and manipulative pattern of abuse” that culminated in the alleged assault during a car ride in Brooklyn. Jabbari claimed that Majors physically attacked her on that night, including pulling her finger, twisting her arm, and hitting her in the face when she tried to read a text message on his phone from another woman. Police records indicate that Jabbari received medical treatment for minor injuries.

Majors’ defense team argued that Jabbari was the aggressor and portrayed her as a scorned lover trying to ruin his career. They also raised the issue of race, with Majors being Black and Jabbari being white, suggesting that this may have played a role in blaming him for the altercation.

Grace Jabbari is expected to continue her testimony during the afternoon session of the trial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Abuse Allegations

What are the key allegations against Jonathan Majors in the trial?

The key allegations against Jonathan Majors in the trial involve abusive behavior, including fits of rage, control, and threats, leading up to an alleged assault on his former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.

What triggered the alleged assault in the car?

The alleged assault in the car was triggered when Grace Jabbari attempted to read a text message sent to Jonathan Majors from another woman. This led to a confrontation that escalated into the alleged assault.

How did Jonathan Majors respond to the allegations?

Jonathan Majors has maintained that he was the victim in the confrontation. His defense attorneys argued that Grace Jabbari was seeking to ruin his career and suggested that race may have played a role in blaming him for the altercation.

What impact has this trial had on Jonathan Majors’ career?

The trial has put several of Jonathan Majors’ film projects on hold, and the outcome remains uncertain. Majors appears to be relying on the trial to clear his name and potentially salvage his career.

Is there evidence of a pattern of abusive behavior?

Grace Jabbari described a pattern of abusive behavior, including Majors’ fits of rage, manipulation, and threats of suicide. Photos of damage to their home and recordings of confrontations were presented as evidence of this pattern.

What further testimony is expected in the trial?

Grace Jabbari is expected to continue her testimony during the trial, providing additional details about her relationship with Jonathan Majors and the events leading up to the alleged assault.

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