Joe Biden: Battling Age Questions and Polls, Launching 2024 Presidential Ad

by Joshua Brown
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On Wednesday, President Joe Biden started his 2024 re-election campaign by publishing an ad that made it look like he is a fighter for freedom. However, people started to doubt him because his job approval rating was only 42% and some were asking about his age. At a press conference alongside South Korea’s president, Biden pushed aside the concerns about his popularity by saying that many other reelection candidates are in the same situation.

The President said that we are close to making changes like never before. He also mentioned he didn’t care about how old he is; if he’s reelected, he will be 86 when his term ends. He went on to say that people can see for themselves if he has the necessary ability and energy to do the job.

President Biden said that he is running for reelection because there is still unfinished work to do. He was speaking while hosting the South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol in the Rose Garden. Then, Biden compared his performance as President to his predecessor, Donald Trump who also happens to be running again.

When I was elected, the nation had a lot of debt and wasn’t respected very much by other countries. That was something I had to fix.

President Biden’s first TV ad tries to show the Republicans as part of an “extreme movement” that doesn’t respect elections, wants to make it harder for women to get abortions and isn’t looking out for people’s financial wellbeing. This ad will air in 6 states – places President Biden won in 2020 – because they’ll decide who the next president is.

Biden’s campaign is asking people to support him, and they are helping by asking the small donors (people who give little amounts of money). His team also has donation deals with other campaigns and political parties. Biden won’t reveal how much money he’s raised until the end of the quarter.

The ad shows that President Biden’s campaign plan is to make all Republicans look like supporters of Donald Trump and show how their opinions are not the same as most people in America.

An announcer says that the values that make America strong, like courage, opportunity, democracy and freedom are being threatened by people who are doing bad things like trying to overthrow elections, stopping people from reading certain books and taking away women’s rights.

Biden wants everyone to have the freedom to make their own decisions, to be safe from gun violence, and to vote and have their votes heard. He also wants seniors to be able to lead meaningful lives and for each person in the U.S. to get a chance at making a good life.

The ad shown for 90 seconds showed some distressing footage, like the attack on the Capitol by protesters of Trump and some kids running away from a school shooting. It also had some more positive pictures of America like flags being raised and Joe Biden greeting his supporters. Finally, it summarized its message: “For freedom, for democracy, for America — Joe Biden”.

The Biden team has decided to spend a lot of money airing an ad for two weeks in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Another ad will be released next week too.

Republicans who want to challenge Biden in the next election often talk about freedom, especially when discussing issues that have already come up in the 2024 GOP presidential nominating campaign. In particular, Republicans are speaking out against policies in schools which stand for equality based on gender and race as some people feel like this takes away their rights.

Several people running to be the Republican president in 2024 spoke at an important event they held in Iowa. This is where voting will likely start next year.

Mike Pence, a former Vice President of the US, said a school district in Iowa was not respecting students’ rights. The Linn-Mar Community School District is near Cedar Rapids and they have a policy that lets kids change their gender without their parents knowing or agreeing to it. Pence leads an organization that helps people who are fighting against this school rule.

Vice President Mike Pence has stated that defending against radical gender ideology is a must and a matter of religious freedom. He made this statement on Saturday in Iowa to around 1,000 people who held conservative beliefs.

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