Israel’s Netanyahu is rushed to hospital for dehydration. Hours later, he says he feels ‘very good’

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was admitted to the hospital on Saturday due to dehydration, according to doctors. Although he stated that he feels “very good,” he was advised to stay overnight for further observation. Consequently, his weekly Cabinet meeting was postponed and rescheduled for Monday.

Netanyahu’s office explained that he experienced mild dizziness and attributed it to spending the previous day in the heat at the Sea of Galilee, a popular vacation spot in northern Israel. Initial tests indicated dehydration as the likely cause for the veteran leader’s condition.

Later in the day, Netanyahu, wearing a smile, released a video statement from the hospital. He admitted to being in the sun on Friday without protection or water, acknowledging it was not a wise decision. Expressing gratitude towards the medical team at Israel’s Sheba Hospital and the public for their support, he expressed his satisfaction with his current health status.

Netanyahu concluded his statement with a request for people to prioritize hydration and avoid excessive sun exposure. Israel is currently experiencing a summer heat wave with temperatures reaching the mid-30s Celsius (mid-90s Fahrenheit).

As Israel’s longest-serving leader, Netanyahu has faced various challenges throughout his political career. He is currently on trial for multiple corruption charges, causing significant division within the nation. Additionally, his government’s staunch policies towards Palestinians have drawn international criticism and strained relations with the United States, Israel’s closest and most vital ally.

At home, tens of thousands of Israelis have been staging weekly demonstrations against Netanyahu’s government to protest his proposed judicial reforms. Supporters of the plan argue that it is necessary to curb the power of unelected judges. However, opponents believe it will undermine the country’s delicate system of checks and balances, consolidating power in the hands of Netanyahu and his allies.

Amidst these pressures, Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid expressed his wishes for Netanyahu’s complete recovery and good health, sending his message of support via Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about hospitalization

Why was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hospitalized?

Benjamin Netanyahu was hospitalized due to dehydration. He experienced mild dizziness after spending time in the heat at the Sea of Galilee, leading to the assessment of dehydration as the likely cause.

How is Netanyahu’s health condition now?

Netanyahu stated that he feels “very good” after receiving treatment for dehydration. However, doctors advised him to remain in the hospital overnight for further observation.

What are the challenges Netanyahu is currently facing?

Netanyahu is facing multiple challenges. He is on trial for corruption charges, which has caused significant division in the nation. Additionally, there are ongoing protests against his government’s plan to overhaul the country’s judiciary.

What is the purpose of the protests against Netanyahu’s government?

The protests are in response to Netanyahu’s plan to reform the judiciary system. Supporters argue that it aims to limit the power of unelected judges, while opponents believe it will concentrate power in the hands of Netanyahu and his allies, undermining checks and balances.

How has Netanyahu’s leadership affected international relations?

Netanyahu’s hard-line policies towards Palestinians have drawn international criticism and strained relations with the United States, Israel’s closest ally. These policies have been a source of contention and have impacted diplomatic ties.

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