Israel says Hamas is using Gaza’s biggest hospital for cover. Hundreds of people are trapped inside

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Gaza Shifa Hospital Conflict

The ongoing conflict in Gaza has intensified around Shifa Hospital, Gaza’s largest medical facility, which Israel accuses of being used militarily by Hamas. Israel alleges that beneath Shifa, Hamas has constructed a substantial underground command center connected by tunnels. This accusation comes in the backdrop of Israel’s military response to a severe attack by Hamas on October 7.

Shifa, crucial to Gaza’s healthcare, is overwhelmed amidst the conflict. It offers essential services like MRI scans and intensive care, handling about half of Gaza’s medical procedures. With the escalation of war, the hospital grounds initially provided refuge to thousands, but as the conflict neared, many have fled, leaving behind hospital staff and critical patients, including newborns.

The situation worsened when Shifa ran out of fuel, leading to the deaths of at least 32 patients, with more lives at risk. Images released by the Health Ministry depict the dire conditions, especially for the premature infants.

International humanitarian law protects hospitals in wartime, but this protection can be forfeited if combatants use these facilities for military purposes. Despite these rules, any attack must still consider the harm to civilians against the military advantage gained.

Israel has long accused Hamas of exploiting civilian areas for military use, including hospitals, schools, and mosques. Recently, Israel’s military spokesperson displayed evidence of weapons and hostages in Gaza’s Rantisi Hospital for Children, further accusing Hamas of using such facilities for warfare.

Despite Israeli claims of Hamas’ military activities in and around Shifa, concrete evidence remains scarce. Israel has presented maps, simulations, and testimonies, but these have not been independently verified.

Hamas refutes these allegations, denying the use of civilians as shields and emphasizing their moral and religious principles against such tactics.

The standoff at Shifa remains unresolved. Israel attempted to deliver fuel to the hospital, but the effort was unsuccessful, with accusations from both sides regarding the impediment of aid. Israel has offered safe evacuation, but reports of firing on evacuees raise concerns about the feasibility and safety of such measures.

U.S. President Biden has urged for the hospital’s protection and less aggressive actions from Israel. The Israeli military acknowledges the complexity of the situation but remains committed to dismantling what it perceives as Hamas’ infrastructure, intending to execute their operations and then withdraw. The outcome of this precarious situation is yet to unfold.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gaza Shifa Hospital Conflict

What is the current situation at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital?

Shifa Hospital, the largest in Gaza, has become a focal point in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. Israel accuses the hospital of being used for military purposes by Hamas, including housing an underground command center. The hospital is facing a severe crisis, having run out of fuel, leading to the death of at least 32 patients, with many more lives at risk.

How is the conflict affecting medical operations at Shifa Hospital?

The conflict has severely impacted Shifa Hospital’s operations. It has run out of fuel, essential for powering life-saving equipment. This has led to the deaths of patients, including infants, and put many more at risk. The hospital, which performs about half of Gaza’s medical operations, is struggling to function under these conditions.

What are Israel’s allegations against Hamas in relation to Shifa Hospital?

Israel alleges that Hamas is using Shifa Hospital for military purposes, claiming that an extensive underground command center connected by tunnels is located beneath the hospital. Israel accuses Hamas of using civilian areas, including hospitals, for military operations, which Hamas denies.

Has there been any international response to the situation at Shifa Hospital?

Yes, the international community, including U.S. President Joe Biden, has responded to the crisis at Shifa Hospital. President Biden emphasized the need to protect the hospital and called for less aggressive actions by Israeli forces. The situation highlights the complexities of warfare in densely populated areas and the challenges of protecting medical facilities during conflict.

What does international law say about attacks on hospitals during war?

International law offers special protections to hospitals during war. However, these protections can be lost if combatants use the facilities for military purposes, like hiding fighters or storing weapons. Despite this, any attack must still weigh the harm to civilians against the military advantage gained, and disproportionate harm to civilians is considered illegal under international law.

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