IRS Agent Raises Alarm: Hunter Biden Probe in Jeopardy?

by Lucas Garcia
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Recently in Washington, an IRS (Internal Revenue Service) special agent asked for help from Congress to be a whistle-blower. The reason is because the agent found out about something wrong happening with a case involving Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

Mark Lytle, the lawyer for the IRS whistleblower wrote a letter to politicians on Wednesday. The letter says that his customer (the whistleblower) has special knowledge about why a criminal investigation related to Joe Biden Jr.’s taxes was closed with no punishment and also whether or not Joe Biden made a wrong statement when trying to buy a gun.

My client has suggested offering some important details even if it could be dangerous. To ensure the information is unbiased, they want to share it with both parties in the House and Senate. The letter was sent to each party’s leaders and obtained by Big Big News.

The letter said that the supervisory special agent told the IRS and a Justice Department watch dog about what they want to tell Congress. Lytle also mentioned his client can prove something different from what a high-ranking official said in a meeting with lawmakers, but he didn’t say who it is.

The special agent wants to tell us if any politically connected people did anything wrong. He thinks it’s possible that politics affected the decisions and rules that professionals would usually follow in similar situations. Republicans are asking to see documents related to the business deals of the Biden family. Some Twitter Executives said they didn’t get pressure to stop talking about a story involving Hunter Biden.

The Justice Department did not say anything. Hunter Biden’s lawyers didn’t give an answer right away either. The IRS (which is a government organization that collects taxes) did not respond to our request for an answer.

Since 2018, Hunter Biden is being investigated by a federal grand jury in Delaware because of his taxes and financial business dealing. No one has been accused of doing anything wrong yet. Some Republicans have asked questions about whether he was making money because of his dad’s job as an official.

Joe Biden declared that he never discussed foreign businesses with his son. So far, there are no clues that the federal investigation involves the President. Attorney General Merrick Garland promised at a recent congressional hearing that he won’t disrupt any further investigations from the department.

He told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he had asked US Attorney David Weiss, who is the most important prosecutor in Delaware, to look into the matter. If needed, David can take his investigation out of Delaware too.

Garland said that David was not going to be denied anything if he needs it for his investigation and till now there hasn’t been any suggestion from David’s office that they cannot do what is being asked.

A news story was recently published about a letter from someone with inside information. This letter reports that the House of Representatives is doing its own investigation into things Hunter Biden has done, such as accepting money from other countries and looking into all areas of his finances.

Rep. James Comer, a Republican congressman from Kentucky, took a close look into the money dealings of Joe Biden’s family. A lot of times when someone makes large financial transactions, these payments get reported to the US government. This check-in does not mean that something bad was done though.

Congressman Comer is leading an investigation into Hunter Biden, and he believes that the situation is serious. He thinks there may be evidence of the president and his family doing something wrong. Comer said in a statement that it’s worrying that the Biden Administration might be stopping any attempts to make Hunter Biden pay taxes.

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