Investigators Report: Deceased Man Found in Minnesota Freezer Was Evading Police

by Gabriel Martinez
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According to a preliminary report by investigators, the discovery of a man’s lifeless body in a freezer in Minnesota last month revealed that he had been hiding from law enforcement.

The deceased individual was identified as 34-year-old Brandon Lee Buschman, a resident of Babbitt, Minnesota. On June 26, his body was uncovered inside a chest freezer situated in the basement of an unoccupied residence in Biwabik.

Law enforcement officials disclosed that Buschman had been evading arrest due to an active warrant against him. It is believed that he voluntarily sought refuge within the house, potentially due to the presence of officers in the vicinity. Investigators speculate that he entered the freezer on his own accord as a means of concealment.

In a recent news release, authorities stated that the freezer, an older model, lacked an internal opening mechanism. Additionally, the residence had no electricity, and the freezer was not operational at the time of Buschman’s discovery.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Minnesota freezer

Q: Why was the man found dead in a freezer in Minnesota?

A: The man found dead in the freezer was hiding from the police. According to investigators, there was an active warrant for his arrest, and he sought refuge in an unoccupied house. It is believed that he entered the freezer on his own accord to conceal himself.

Q: What were the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the body?

A: The body of the 34-year-old man, identified as Brandon Lee Buschman, was found in a chest freezer in the basement of the unoccupied house in Biwabik, Minnesota. The freezer was an older model that could not be opened from the inside. The house had no electricity, and the freezer was not operational when the body was found.

Q: Was there any indication of foul play or other suspicious circumstances?

A: The provided information does not mention any indication of foul play or suspicious circumstances surrounding the man’s death. The preliminary report suggests that his death occurred while he was hiding in the freezer.

Q: How did the investigators come to the conclusion that he was hiding from the police?

A: The investigators based their conclusion on multiple factors. Firstly, there was an active warrant for the man’s arrest, indicating his intention to evade law enforcement. Secondly, he was discovered in an unoccupied house where he likely sought refuge. Lastly, it is believed that he voluntarily entered the freezer to hide, possibly due to the presence of officers in the area.

Q: What is the significance of the preliminary report?

A: The preliminary report provides initial findings and insights into the circumstances surrounding the man’s death. It sheds light on his motives for hiding, the condition of the freezer, and the absence of electricity in the house. Further investigation may be required to gather additional information and determine the exact cause of death.

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