Intercepted calls from the front lines in Ukraine show a growing number of Russian soldiers want out

by Andrew Wright
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Russian Soldiers Ukraine Conflict

Secretly recorded calls from the front lines in Ukraine reveal a growing desire among Russian soldiers to leave the conflict. These recordings, obtained by The Big Big News, shed light on the war from the perspective of Russian soldiers, a viewpoint rarely covered in Western media due to Russia’s strict control over information about the conflict.

The soldiers’ calls depict the harsh reality they face, far from the heroic image often associated with warfare. One soldier described the grim conditions, saying, “There’s no f—— ‘dying the death of the brave’ here, you just die like a f—— earthworm.”

Despite Russia’s attempts to entice people into military service through conscription, there is resistance among soldiers. The annual autumn draft pulled in around 130,000 young men, with the promise that they wouldn’t be sent to Ukraine. However, after a year of service, they become reservists, making them potential candidates for mobilization.

These calls, recorded in January 2023, provide a glimpse into the soldiers’ diverse backgrounds, from those with limited options to those driven by patriotic duty. It’s challenging to gauge the sentiment across Russia’s armed forces, but these recordings reflect the desperation some soldiers feel.

One soldier expressed the belief that what’s happening in Ukraine is “simply genocide,” while another soldier mentioned that the conflict in Ukraine feels like a testing ground for global powers.

The soldiers’ stories also highlight the toll the war takes on their mental and emotional well-being. Some share their regrets about joining the conflict, while others remain committed to their duty despite the hardships.

These recordings underscore the complexity and human cost of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, as seen through the eyes of Russian soldiers who find themselves in a challenging and often devastating situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Russian Soldiers Ukraine Conflict

What is the significance of the secretly recorded calls from Russian soldiers in Ukraine?

The secretly recorded calls provide valuable insights into the experiences and sentiments of Russian soldiers on the front lines of the conflict in Ukraine. These recordings offer a unique perspective, often absent from Western media coverage, shedding light on the soldiers’ struggles, emotional toll, and their diverse backgrounds.

What do the soldiers’ calls reveal about the conditions they face in Ukraine?

The soldiers’ calls paint a grim picture of the war’s reality. They describe challenging conditions, a lack of proper equipment, and sometimes even friendly fire incidents. These firsthand accounts provide a stark contrast to the heroic image often associated with military service.

Why did some soldiers express a desire to leave the conflict?

Several soldiers in the recorded calls expressed a desire to leave the conflict due to the difficult circumstances they faced. Factors included the fear of injury or death, the feeling of being forgotten or mistreated, and the realization that the conflict had taken a toll on their mental and emotional well-being.

How does conscription and mobilization play a role in this situation?

The annual conscription draft in Russia brought in a significant number of young men, promising they wouldn’t be sent to Ukraine. However, after a year of service, they become reservists and could be mobilized. This creates uncertainty and reluctance among some soldiers, as they may eventually be deployed to the conflict zone.

What does the soldiers’ perspective reveal about the broader implications of the Ukraine conflict?

The soldiers’ accounts reflect the complexity and human cost of the ongoing Ukraine conflict. They also highlight the challenges faced by soldiers who come from diverse backgrounds and find themselves in grueling conditions. This perspective underscores the need for a deeper understanding of the conflict beyond the political narratives.

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