INCREDIBLE! NBA Playoffs: Jimmy Butler and the Knicks Reach Round 2

by Joshua Brown
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Jimmy Butler said goodbye to Milwaukee, New York made it back to the second round of a tournament, Desmond Bane and Ja Morant saved Memphis’ season and the champions Golden State proved they were still a force to reckon with.

The Miami Heat made history by becoming the sixth team to ever defeat a No. 1 seed, beating Milwaukee in five games. The other upset wins were much closer, only ending with 3 or 2 wins for the lower-seeded teams. Now, the Knicks are waiting for them after winning against Cleveland in their own five-game series. It’s restarting an old rivalry between these two teams!

Hey, get ready for something special this May. We’re going to have a rare basketball game between a seed number 5 team and the seed number 8 team. It’s only happened once before, back in 1994 when Utah (number 5) played Denver (number 8).

Memphis just beat the Los Angeles Lakers 3-2 in the series, and the Warriors recently snatched home court from Sacramento by winning three successive games against them.

Two Teams Compete for 3-2 Edge on Thursday and Friday!

This Thursday, the Boston team has a 3-2 advantage over Atlanta. On Friday, Golden State and Los Angeles Lakers both have home field games with a 3-2 edge over their opponents – Sacramento and Memphis respectively.

Catch the NBA Action on TNT and ESPN!

Thursday night’s basketball game between Boston and Atlanta will be aired on TNT. On Friday, two games will be broadcast on ESPN. Sacramento is playing Golden State at 5 P.M., local San Francisco time, and 8 P.M Eastern Time. Later, Memphis plays against the Lakers at 10:30 P.M Eastern Time. Saturday’s potential Game 7 between Boston and Atlanta, if there is one, will be shown on TNT as well. These games can also be viewed through local broadcasters. Afterwards, once the second round starts, matches will only show up on national networks.

The NBA Championships will be shown on ABC, and they start on June 1.

“7 Years and Counting

It’s been seven years since the Knicks last made it to the second round of playoffs. Since then, they have changed coaches and players many times – 111 in total! There are five other teams who also haven’t been able to reach the semifinals for all this time – these teams are called Sacramento, Orlando, Detroit, Charlotte and Minnesota.

NBA Records Smashed

In the regular season, Miami was the worst at scoring points. However, during the playoffs, they are now topping in the score and were only the sixth team to get 124 points or more in a series within 30 years.

On the other hand, Golden State had a difficult time winning games away from their home all season long – but somehow manage to succeed when it comes to playoff games. They have won now an incredible 28 series in a row with at least one away game win!

The Golden State Warriors have achieved the longest winning streak in NBA history, earning at least one road game win in every series since 2013.

We don’t know when the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award will be announced yet, but it could be going to either Joel Embiid of Philadelphia, Nikola Jokic from Denver or Giannis Antetokounmpo of Milwaukee.

Jaren Jackson Jr. of Memphis was recently given the Defensive Player of the Year Award on April 17th.

— On April 18, De’Aaron Fox earned the Clutch Player award.

— A day later, Sacramento’s Mike Brown was named the first ever unanimously selected Coach of the Year.

— Then on April 20, Malcolm Brogdon of Boston got the Sixth Man of the Year award.

— Last Monday, Lauri Markkanen from Utah snatched Most Improved Player.

— Tuesday saw Orlando’s Paolo Banchero come out as a nearly unanimous selection for Rookie of the Year.

“Winning is Not Always Guaranteed

Giannis Antetokounmpo from the Milwaukee Bucks said there’s no such thing as failure in sports. He explained that some days you’ll win, and some days you won’t, but it shouldn’t be looked at as a failure. Winning isn’t guaranteed all the time, so it’s important to remember that losing is also part of sports.

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