How Ukraine is Using Soviet-era Choppers to Pummel Russia From the Skies

by Lucas Garcia
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In the Donetsk region of Ukraine, three helicopters from the Soviet-era (about 40 years ago) flew around the treetops. Each day, these helicopters usually do three or four trips to a place called the ‘front lines’. That’s where they fight against an invasion by Russia. The commander of all of this is someone who is actually younger than these aged helicopters!

An anonymous military commander said that their team were carrying out missions to take down enemies. They were doing this from a far place so that the enemy would not be able to hit them back with their protection weapon.

Recently, it has been reported that ten civilians have been killed and twenty hurt in Ukraine due to Russian strikes. Also, prisoners of war from both Russia and Ukraine are reportedly suffering torture and being killed.

The UK is going to give Ukraine some special ammo. This type of ammo is made from uranium and will be important in the war between Ukraine and another country. Ukraine’s air force pilots are especially important because they can give them an edge in the battles. The commander of Ukraine’s 12th Army Aviation Brigade said that their helicopters are really important for winning the battle.

A video taken from a helicopter as it flew over a battlefield revealed craters in the ground, and missiles being fired at Russian trenches. The commander described it as being accurate with the missiles hitting their targets, like putting a cross on them. He hoped to one day use a more modern model of helicopter.

The commander said that we need a helicopter from another country because it’s better than what we have. It has stronger flying abilities, more rockets, and bigger guns so it can do more tasks with less risk. Since 2022, the US and Britain have been helping Ukraine by giving them helicopters as military support because of the war started by Russia.

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