How New Colorado Coach Deion Sanders is Making an Early Impact

by Chloe Baker
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Deion Sanders is the new football coach for University of Colorado and since he started, it seems like a lot of people are feeling hopeful about their team. He used to be with Jackson State where he won lots of games. Now in Boulder, Colorado, he’s been doing training sessions with his team in order to prepare for their big intrasquad game on April 22nd.

The school said earlier this week that their game will be broadcasted on ESPN and 45,000 people would come to watch it. This attendance rate is higher than any other spring game in Colorado’s history—it’s even higher than the total attendances of all nine spring games combined!

Despite not being able to win any game yet, Sanders said at a news conference Saturday that everyone is profiting well from this situation and he believes that it’s a positive thing since the university deserves it as they can show what great things they have in their city.

Coach Prime (formerly Primetime from his playing days) can feel the enthusiasm and readiness of his players and students to turn things around at this school. He likes how the team is coming together.

Sanders can’t wait for the spring game and is excited to experience it, since he is now the coach of a team that has had bad results in its last six seasons, including only one win out of eleven matches last season.

Yesterday, I spoke to the School of Business and it was great! All the kids were very engaged – they had pencils and pieces of paper in their hands to take notes and paid close attention to every word I said. It was awesome to see how eager they were.

I believe that change needs to happen both from the point of view of players and fans alike.

He said that if we want to change the game, then everyone has to change – including the fans. We all should be ready for each other; both us and them.

Coach Sanders wore a cowboy hat and gold chain, along with a whistle at the conference. He was asked if he wanted his players – including his son Shedeur Sanders who is the quarterback – to pick up any of his football skills.

“I’m really wishing for that,” said Sanders with a smile. “That’s what I want and what I’m looking for.”

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