How grief, creating characters and wigs helped comic Heather McMahan to build a loyal following

by Sophia Chen
Comedy Success

The article discusses how comedian Heather McMahan gained a loyal following by using humor as a coping mechanism for grief and creating various characters on social media. When she released her first Netflix comedy special, “Son I Never Had,” her fans celebrated her success, feeling like they were part of her journey from the beginning.

Heather McMahan’s journey took an unexpected turn when she moved from Los Angeles back to her hometown of Atlanta after her father’s passing due to pancreatic cancer in 2015. To distract herself from grief, she began crafting and portraying various characters, sharing short comedic bits on social media. Among these characters were boozy Brenda Carlyle and Margie McDaniels, a self-proclaimed real estate agent and a Hollywood assistant to the stars.

McMahan’s decision to create content that made her laugh resonated with her audience, leading to a substantial following on Instagram. This dedicated fan base has kept her busy, as she has recently taped a second stand-up special set to premiere next year and is selling tour dates for 2024, including shows in Australia. Additionally, McMahan hosts a weekly podcast called “Absolutely Not,” has a development deal for a TV show, and plans to write a book.

In an interview with The Big Big News, McMahan addressed her unconventional living arrangement, living with her husband, Jeff, and her mother, Robin. She acknowledged that many people find it difficult to understand but pointed out that in many cultures, multiple generations of a family often live under one roof.

The interview also delved into the personal aspects of McMahan’s life, including how her comedy special addresses her father’s death and how people can support those grieving. McMahan emphasized the importance of validation and checking in with grieving individuals, especially after the initial outpouring of support fades away.

Regarding her ability to consistently produce fresh content through touring, social media, and her podcast, McMahan attributed it to her keen observation of life and her commitment to documenting it with thorough notes.

Finally, the interview touched upon the different standards often applied to female comedians compared to their male counterparts. McMahan noted that while men have long been discussing their families in their comedy, female comedians are sometimes met with criticism when doing the same, even though it’s a common theme in the industry.

Overall, Heather McMahan’s journey from grief to comedy success showcases the power of humor and relatability in building a loyal following in the entertainment world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Comedy Success

What is the main focus of the text?

The main focus of the text is Heather McMahan’s journey from coping with grief to achieving comedy success by creating characters and sharing humor on social media.

Who is Heather McMahan?

Heather McMahan is a comedian who gained popularity by creating comedic characters and sharing their antics on social media. She recently released her Netflix comedy special, “Son I Never Had.”

How did Heather McMahan cope with grief?

Heather McMahan coped with grief by immersing herself in humor. After her father’s death from pancreatic cancer, she began creating and portraying various comedic characters on social media as a way to distract herself from grief.

What achievements has Heather McMahan made in her comedy career?

Heather McMahan has achieved significant success in her comedy career. She has taped a second stand-up special, is selling tour dates for 2024, hosts a weekly podcast called “Absolutely Not,” has a development deal for a TV show, and plans to write a book.

What advice does Heather McMahan give on supporting grieving individuals?

Heather McMahan emphasizes the importance of validating the feelings of grieving individuals. She suggests starting with expressions like, “This sucks. I’m so sorry. What do you need?” Additionally, she highlights the need for continued support beyond the initial period of grief when people may stop reaching out.

What challenges does Heather McMahan face due to her living arrangement?

Heather McMahan and her husband, Jeff, live with her mother, Robin. They acknowledge that some people find this arrangement unconventional and often need explanations, as it differs from the typical American living situation.

Does Heather McMahan believe female comedians face different standards than male comedians?

Yes, Heather McMahan believes that female comedians can face different standards compared to their male counterparts. She notes that while men have long discussed their families in comedy, female comedians may receive criticism for doing the same, even though it’s a common theme in the industry.

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GiggleGuru November 23, 2023 - 11:49 am

i luv heather mcmahan’s comedy, shes so funi, n her Netflix special is awsm!

WordNerd99 November 23, 2023 - 6:57 pm

it’s gr8 how heather mcmahan navig8s grif through comedy & characters, she rly makes ppl laugh!


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