House GOP Chairman Warns of Serious Threat from China to Taiwan

by Ethan Kim
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The U.S. needs to be aware of the danger posed to Taiwan by China. A Chairman from the House Select Committee on China said this after Beijing had military exercises around Taiwan following meetings between Taiwanese President and some U.S. representatives.

Rep. Mike Gallagher from Wisconsin had a meeting with President Tsai Ing-wen in California last week and told Big Big News that he’ll try to help Taiwan’s government protect itself by getting Congress to give military aid to Taiwan quickly. He said that Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to join Taiwan with China.

The US needs to do everything they can to make sure the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, understands that he cannot take control of Taiwan. A few days ago, China sent warships and fighter jets around Taiwan as a response to a meeting between some American lawmakers and the president of Taiwan – which China believes is part of their own territory.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy welcomed Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. Several members of the U.S. House were also present at this special meeting. China’s reaction was not as severe as when Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan last year.

The representatives of Taiwan and the US held a meeting, but it made China angry. China’s military then started three days of “practice fights” as a way to show Taiwan that they don’t accept its independence.

In 1949, Taiwan and China had a fight, so they split apart. Then in 1979, America decided to no longer be friends with Taiwan, but made friends with the government of Beijing instead.

American officials acknowledge that only one of them (China or Taiwan) can have control over the island of Taiwan, but they haven’t decided yet which it should be. Even though America isn’t friends with Taiwan anymore, they still help them out when it comes to defense matters and military support.

The ruling political group in China said that Taiwan must return to them, even by using force if needed. Beijing believes that talking with people from other countries encourages Taiwanese who might want the island to be a separate country—something they think could lead to war.

Chinese leaders didn’t like when Tsai had meetings with lawmakers and punished two organizations who helped make it happen, but their reaction was less strong than what happened with Nancy Pelosi’s visit in August.

China tried to warn U.S. lawmakers not to have a meeting with Tsai. Afterwards, China told the U.S. that what we were doing was dangerous.

Gallagher, who was once in the military fighting in Iraq, said that even though China is trying to frighten us and make it seem like we’re doing something bad, it’s really not true at all! He also said that U.S. lawmakers will not be intimidated by China.

Gallagher said he wants the US Congress to provide more support for Taiwan’s military. He thinks America should send weapons to help them defend themselves. Another suggestion from the meeting was that the US could assist Taiwan with technology to make their own defense systems. In 2022, China responded by doing huge live-fire exercises and even firing a missile over Taiwan.

Chinese officials did not say whether they would continue to do exercises such as firing missiles into the sea, which caused problems for ships and flights.

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