Hollywood Actors’ Contract Negotiations Reach No Resolution; Strike Vote Scheduled for Thursday Morning

by Ryan Lee
Hollywood actors

The union representing film and television actors has announced that an agreement has not been reached with studios and streaming services. The leadership of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists will convene on Thursday to vote on whether to proceed with a strike.

The decision on joining the ongoing strike by screenwriters will be carefully considered during the meeting. If the actors opt to strike, it will mark the first time since 1960 that both actors and writers picket film and television productions.

In an early Thursday statement, the actors’ guild declared the conclusion of negotiations without a contract. This announcement followed the recent unveiling of Emmy nominations, which recognize outstanding work in television.

“The companies have shown a lack of willingness to address certain matters and have completely disregarded others. Without genuine negotiation, reaching a mutually beneficial agreement is impossible,” stated Fran Drescher, the current president of the actors’ guild, best known for her role in “The Nanny.” There has been no immediate response from the studios’ negotiating group.

The actors’ guild previously obtained nearly unanimous authorization for a strike.

Should the actors proceed with a strike, they will join forces with the screenwriters on picket lines outside studios and filming locations. Their collective goal is to secure improved terms from studios and streaming giants such as Netflix and Amazon.

The Writers Guild of America has been on strike since early May, causing disruptions in the production of films and television series on both coasts and in major production centers like Atlanta.

Key issues being negotiated include the unregulated use of artificial intelligence and the impact of the streaming ecosystem on residual pay, a consequence of the industry’s recent developments.

In a show of solidarity, actors have stood alongside writers on picket lines for several weeks. An actors’ strike would impede performers from working on sets or promoting their projects.

Whether the cast of Christopher Nolan’s film “Oppenheimer” attends the London premiere scheduled for Thursday remains uncertain, contingent upon the actors’ decision to strike.

During a photo event on Wednesday, actor Matt Damon expressed hope that a strike could be avoided. However, he emphasized the importance of a fair contract for many actors struggling to make a living.

“We need to protect those who are barely making ends meet,” Damon told The Big Big News. “To qualify for health insurance, you have to earn $26,000 a year. For many individuals, residual payments are what help them reach that threshold. If those payments disappear, so does their healthcare. That’s simply unacceptable. We must find a fair solution.”

The imminent strike has cast a shadow over the upcoming 75th Emmy Awards. The nominations were announced on Wednesday, with the strike weighing heavily on the minds of many nominees.

“People are taking a stand and demanding fair compensation,” remarked Jessica Chastain, an Oscar winner nominated for her first Emmy Award for her portrayal of Tammy Wynette in “George & Tammy.” Speaking to the AP, she added, “It’s evident that certain streaming platforms have revolutionized our industry and the way we work, yet the contracts haven’t kept pace with this innovation.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hollywood actors, strike

What is the current status of the contract negotiations between Hollywood actors and studios?

The contract negotiations between Hollywood actors and studios have reached a deadlock, with no agreement being reached. As a result, a strike vote is scheduled to determine whether actors will proceed with a strike.

When was the last time actors and writers went on strike together?

The last time actors and writers went on strike together was in 1960. If actors decide to strike this time, it would mark a significant event in the industry.

What are the main issues being negotiated?

The main issues being negotiated include the unregulated use of artificial intelligence in the industry and the impact of the streaming ecosystem on residual pay. These topics are crucial for actors and writers seeking fair compensation and recognition in the evolving landscape of film and television.

How will a potential actors’ strike affect productions and promotions?

If actors go on strike, it would prevent them from working on sets and promoting their projects. This would likely disrupt ongoing productions and impact the release and promotion of upcoming films and television series.

What are the potential consequences of the strike for actors’ healthcare?

Many actors rely on residual payments to meet the threshold for health insurance, which requires earning $26,000 per year. If residual payments decrease or vanish due to the strike, it could have a detrimental effect on actors’ healthcare coverage.

How does the strike impact the upcoming Emmy Awards?

The strike has cast a shadow over the upcoming 75th Emmy Awards. Nominees and industry professionals are concerned about the fairness of compensation and the contracts that haven’t adapted to the changes brought by streaming platforms. The strike’s potential impact on attendance and production of the awards ceremony remains uncertain.

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BigFan4Life July 13, 2023 - 1:17 pm

dang, no contract yet? actors puttin’ their foot down! hope the studios listen n negotiate fair. awards season gonna b affected tho… #Emmys #actorsdeservemore

Jenny123 July 14, 2023 - 12:29 am

wow! hollywud actors goin’ on strike agin? crazy! hope they get wat they deserv! support from the writers guild too! #solidarity

FilmLuvr77 July 14, 2023 - 12:38 am

actors & writers, united 4 fair contracts! the industry needs 2 catch up wit the changes brought by streamin’. no deal, no work! #actorsstrike #writersstrike


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