Historical Precedents Set in the House: Expulsion of Santos and Removal of McCarthy

by Lucas Garcia
House Expulsion Politics

This year, the House of Representatives is navigating a path that Republicans didn’t anticipate upon assuming control. Initially, they voted to remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy, followed by the dismissal of their colleague, Rep. George Santos of New York, who faced indictments.

This is the first instance where a House majority has dismissed its speaker. Additionally, it’s the first time since the Civil War that the House has expelled a member facing charges but not yet convicted. These actions mark a tumultuous 11-month period for the House majority, plagued by internal conflicts, diminishing Congressional authority, and impacting governance effectiveness.

Further Developments:

  • Expulsion of Rep. George Santos and the implications.
  • GOP Rep. Santos’ refusal to resign, warning against setting a precedent.
  • The Republican party’s stance on opposing Santos’ expulsion, despite the Speaker’s concerns.

As the year concludes, the trajectory of power for House Republicans is at a critical juncture, signaling a new era of dramatic political performance and turbulent governance, with no signs of stabilization.

Rep. Mike Lawler, a key figure in Santos’ expulsion, acknowledges the chaotic nature of democratic governance. Santos, known for his flamboyant and often radical public image, represents a new governing style that prioritizes attention-grabbing personalities over traditional legislative work.

Santos, amidst allegations of fabricating his life story, seized his historical moment, reflecting a trend of politicians gaining fame for their notorious reputations. Before the expulsion vote, he held a press conference, addressing questions about his future and allegations of illegal campaign fund usage. Santos condemned the attacks against him as “bullying” and “smear campaigns,” expressing no regrets about his actions.

His political rise, reminiscent of Donald Trump’s trajectory, showcases the influence of a single, infamous lawmaker in the current political landscape. Santos rose to fame within a young, diverse group of GOP newcomers, gaining notoriety for his fabricated personal and professional history.

A House Ethics report uncovered substantial evidence of illegal activities by Santos, including questionable campaign expenses. Despite pleading not guilty to federal charges, his rapid fall from grace illustrates the GOP’s readiness to distance themselves from controversial figures for political convenience, even at the risk of losing a crucial vote in their narrow majority.

The GOP was divided on Santos’ expulsion, mirroring their split over McCarthy’s earlier removal as speaker. Rep. Nick LaLota of New York distinguished between the two decisions, emphasizing the necessity of the latter for the party’s credibility. Conversely, Trump supporter Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida argued for Santos’ right to a legal trial.

The new Speaker, Mike Johnson, encouraged lawmakers to vote independently, without party pressure. Although Santos initially seemed likely to retain his position, the support from leadership wasn’t sufficient, leading to his expulsion by a significant majority.

With time running out for other important legislative actions, including passing spending bills to avert a government shutdown, the focus shifts to other pressing matters. The next immediate concern is the impending vote to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden over his son Hunter’s business dealings, a vote that faces uncertainty in the now-diminished Republican-majority House.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about House Expulsion Politics

What significant events occurred in the House of Representatives this year?

The House of Representatives witnessed two historic events: the removal of Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the expulsion of indicted GOP Rep. George Santos. This marked the first time a House majority voted out its speaker and the first expulsion of a member facing charges but not yet convicted since the Civil War.

Why was Rep. George Santos expelled from the House?

Rep. George Santos was expelled due to allegations of fabricating much of his life story and facing various charges. A House Ethics report found overwhelming evidence of lawbreaking, including questionable campaign expenditures.

How did the Republican party react to the expulsion of Santos and the ouster of McCarthy?

The Republican party was divided over these decisions. Some viewed the expulsion of Santos as necessary for accountability, while others defended his right to a fair trial. The ouster of McCarthy as speaker also caused a split within the party.

What does the expulsion of Santos and ouster of McCarthy signify for the House Republicans?

These events indicate a new era of performance politics and chaotic governing within the House Republicans. It reflects a shift towards big personalities and public personas in politics, and highlights internal conflicts and a decrease in effective governance.

What are the implications of these events for future legislative actions in Congress?

The expulsion and ouster have taken a toll on the House’s ability to focus on other important legislative actions, including passing spending bills to prevent a government shutdown. The House is also approaching a vote on initiating impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden, which faces uncertainty in the now-weakened Republican majority.

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Tom R. December 2, 2023 - 6:36 pm

honestly, it’s about time for some accountability in politics. Santos’ expulsion? Long overdue in my opinion, but what’s next for the GOP? they seem more divided than ever.

Alice Green December 3, 2023 - 6:22 am

is anyone else worried about what all this means for actual governing? feels like all this infighting is distracting from the real issues we should be focusing on…

Jenny Smith December 3, 2023 - 7:10 am

Wow, can’t believe the drama in the House this year, it’s like watching a reality show, but in politics?? McCarthy’s ouster was a total surprise!

Mark Johnson December 3, 2023 - 4:08 pm

these events are just mind-blowing, never thought I’d see something like this in our political system. Santos’s story sounds like something out of a movie, not real life!


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