Historic Moment: Democrat Cherelle Parker Wins Primary for Philadelphia Mayor

by Joshua Brown
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On Tuesday, Cherelle Parker became the winner of the Pennsylvania primary election for mayor of Philadelphia. She is most likely going to be the city’s 100th mayor and the first female ever to hold this role.

Parker is a 50 year old politician who served in the state government in Philadelphia for 10 years. In 2015, she was elected to Philadelphia’s city council as a leader who could help fix important public safety and quality of life issues. She will face off against Republican David Oh in an election on November 7th.

Helen Gym was supported by Bernie Sanders from Vermont and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York in a competition but sadly, she did not win. This made progressives very disappointed.

Parker won out against five Democratic candidates who all wanted to become the next leader after Jim Kenney. These contenders included other former city council members, a state representative, a former city controller and a businessman with no political background.

The election in Philadelphia can help us figure out how people living in some of the biggest cities in America want life to be after the pandemic. In other parts of the country, things have been really tough and it has led to some mayors losing their jobs and another person who was responsible for law enforcement being removed from their post.

Mayor Parker is determined to stop the feeling of lawlessness in our city by adding hundreds more police officers to patrol and interact with citizens. He also wants those officers to take action if they have a good enough reason based on their observations.

Members of Congress from Philadelphia, labor unions, and some wards of the city all supported her. Kenney even said that he voted for her.

On Tuesday, people living in Allegheny County (where Pittsburgh lives) picked a woman named Sara Innamorato to be the Democratic nominee for November. She’s running against Joseph Rockey who is the only Republican in the race. Whoever wins in August might not be successful in the end since it doesn’t mean that person will get to run as county executive.

“To everyone in Allegheny County, I promise you that I will assemble a group of leaders to lead this area and help create an equitable and fair county,” she said at her campaign event Tuesday. “Let’s take some time to appreciate our victory but also remember that we have lots of work ahead of us.”

Our Revolution, one of the largest groups that supports progressive ideas in the U.S., chose to support Innamorato in the mayoral primary election even though they lost. Another journalist named Tassanee Vejpongsa from Philadelphia contributed to this report.

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