Heavy Clashes in Sudan: Truce Extension Fails to Bring Peace

by Joshua Brown
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Early Friday morning in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum and nearby Omdurman, lots of loud explosions and shooting could be heard. Even though two high-ranking commanders in the country have been fighting and causing a lot of death, they gave permission for a 72-hour cease fire. This pause is meant to help foreign countries get out of Sudan during all the chaos.

Although there have been many brief pauses in fighting, Sudanese people are still escaping to safer places and foreign countries are pulling out their citizens with planes, cars and boats. Fierce fighting was reported in a fancy section of Khartoum called Kafouri, where the military dropped bombs on its enemies, the Rapid Support Forces.

Fighting broke out in different locations around Khartoum, Sudan on April 15th. These places include the military headquarters, the Republican Palace, and near the airport. People living in Kafouri heard loud explosions and sounds of gunfire. Abdalla, who lives in Kafouri but only wants to be known by his first name for safety reasons, witnessed these events happening.

On Friday, in Omdurman (which is on the opposite side of the Nile from Khartoum), a protest group said they heard lots of loud explosions. They asked people to be careful.

The RSF (a military force) reported that army aircraft bombed them in Omdurman and Jabal Awliya. On the other hand, the military believes that RSF started it first. We don’t know which is true yet.

Two generals – Gen. Abdel-Fattah Burhan and Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo – are fighting over power in Sudan, which is preventing the country from becoming a democracy. In 2019, a group of people started a uprising against an old, powerful ruler named Omar al-Bashir and these two generals took control. Then in 2021 the generals tried to take away the power of a western-backed government that was run by both military and civilians.

War in the country has made living conditions really bad. Many people had to leave their homes and go to Egypt or Port Sudan on the coast. For those people who stayed, they’re mostly stuck at home since there’s no electricity, food, water and other services are running out fast.

The health care system is in danger because many hospitals have shut down due to attacks, lack of employees or power. Because of this, a lot of aid groups had to stop their work and send their workers away from the country.

More than 500 people have died, and over 4,000 are hurt in Sudan since April 15. That’s according to reports from the country’s health ministry. The Doctors’ Syndicate said that out of those affected, 303 were civilians who died, and more than 1,800 others were injured.

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