Hamas frees first batch of hostages under truce, including 13 Israelis, officials and reports say

by Gabriel Martinez
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The article reports that Hamas has released the first batch of hostages as part of a cease-fire deal. This release includes 13 Israelis who had been held in the Gaza Strip since Hamas staged a raid on Israel approximately seven weeks ago. Additionally, 12 Thai nationals were released. This development follows the initiation of a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, which has allowed aid to start flowing into Gaza. The truce has provided some relief for the people of Gaza, who have faced weeks of Israeli bombardment and shortages of essential supplies. However, it’s important to note that Israel has expressed its determination to resume its offensive once the cease-fire concludes.

Under the terms of the deal, Hamas committed to freeing at least 50 of the approximately 240 hostages taken during the October 7 raid, while Israel agreed to release 150 Palestinian prisoners. The release process prioritizes women and children and is set to occur in stages, with the first group of 13 Israelis already freed.

The hope is that this cease-fire and the subsequent releases will contribute to reducing the conflict’s intensity, which has caused significant destruction in Gaza and raised concerns of broader regional instability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Cease-fire

What is the significance of Hamas releasing hostages in this text?

Hamas releasing hostages in this text is significant because it marks a development in the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel. It is part of a cease-fire agreement that aims to reduce hostilities and allow aid to reach Gaza.

How many Israelis and Thai nationals were released in this batch?

In this batch, 13 Israelis and 12 Thai nationals were released by Hamas.

What conditions were set in the cease-fire agreement?

The cease-fire agreement stipulates that Hamas will release at least 50 hostages, and in return, Israel will release 150 Palestinian prisoners. Women and children are given priority in the release process.

Why is this cease-fire important for the people of Gaza?

The cease-fire provides relief for the people of Gaza who have endured weeks of Israeli bombardment and shortages of essential supplies. It offers the possibility of reducing the conflict’s intensity and allowing humanitarian aid to reach those in need.

What is Israel’s stance on the cease-fire?

While the cease-fire is in effect, Israel has expressed its determination to resume its offensive once it concludes, with the goal of destroying Hamas’ military capabilities and ending its rule in Gaza.

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