Gwyneth Paltrow Insists She Was Not at Fault in Utah Ski Collision

by Ryan Lee
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Gwyneth Paltrow said on Friday in a court case that she had not caused an accident while skiing on a luxurious Utah ski resort during 2016. According to her testimony, the man who was suing her ran into her from behind and then his skis went between her legs which made her feel scared. She stated that it was already unexpected and she felt something strange pressing against her body along with a weird grunting noise.

“When it first happened, I was really confused,” she said. Later on Gwyneth realized that the incident wasn’t sexual in any way.

Gwyneth stayed calm and composed after sitting in court for four days, and even spoke confidently for more than two hours in front of the jury. Everyone in the courtroom paid close attention to her as she made it clear that the accident wasn’t her fault at all.

Terry Sanderson, a retired eye doctor, is going to court on Monday. He will say the opposite of what happened in the crash.

During Gwyneth Paltrow’s important testimony, the CEO of Goop was very calm and repeated that she had run into Sanderson while skiing, which made both of them fall down on a beginner slope. After the accident, Paltrow admitted that she yelled at Sanderson without asking if he was okay first. She also said that one of her family’s ski instructors offered to give Sanderson her contact information and write up an incident form about what happened.

Sanderson’s attorneys suggested that Paltrow’s behavior was careless and showing off her fame, but Paltrow said she was the one who got hurt in the incident, not the 76-year-old man suing her. She added that when someone has been the victim of an accident, they don’t always think about who caused it.

Paltrow’s lawyers tried to show the jury how wealthy she is by asking her about the cost of ski instructors at an expensive resort called Deer Valley and why she decided to leave the mountain to get a massage on the day of the accident.

Sanderson’s legal team tried to act out the crash in court, which made the jury pay more attention. Paltrow’s lawyers didn’t want her to join them, so she just sat there and watched one of her attorneys pretending to be her in the reenactment.

Next week, Gwyneth Paltrow might ask some specialists and her two kids, Moses and Apple, to join the court hearing. This case is about the behavior rules of skiing and how famous people are seen by others. Even though this case has cost a lot for both sides, it’s nothing compared to other legal battles that usually take place over many years with expensive attorneys, bodyguards and so on.

Paltrow’s legal team has asked for special rules in the Utah court all week. They requested that no photography is allowed both inside and outside the courtroom, where a rope separates Paltrow’s entrance and exit from everyone else. Furthermore, there isn’t any public list of witnesses, like usual trials.

Paltrow’s lawyers are saying that she didn’t cause the accident and that Sanderson is probably exaggerating how much he was harmed by it. They asked questions to find out if Sanderson was only suing her because of her fame, like asking Sanderson’s two daughters if their dad thought it was cool to crash into a celebrity like Paltrow. But they denied this idea.

After the accident, Sanderson sent his daughters an email that said: “I’m famous… but what did it cost me?”. His oldest daughter Shae Herath replied: “I can’t believe this was all recorded on a GoPro”.

On Friday, Shae addressed everyone’s questions about whether the crash was filmed by someone wearing a helmet camera. This has been interesting to people watching the movie star’s trial both in court and online.

Herath said that she didn’t know if there was any video of the collision. During a phone conversation, her dad told her that he thought somebody might have been recording it with a GoPro camera. This type of camera is very popular among skiers when they go to ski resorts like Deer Valley.

The lawyers for Sanderson are talking about his health problems, while Paltrow’s lawyers have asked lots of questions about some missing footage from a GoPro camera. Nobody has seen or used the video recordings as evidence yet.

Gopro cameras are usually worn by adventurous sports fans, like skiers, to capture all the excitement.

The court case looks carefully at Mr. Sanderson’s medical records and how he has changed over the last 76 years. Lawyers want to know if his health got worse and if he stopped talking to people that was because of a car accident or it is just something that happens when you get old.

After a judge didn’t let Sanderson win $3.1 million, he asked for less money (over $300,000) instead. Paltrow isn’t happy and has made her own lawsuit asking for just one dollar from Sanderson plus legal fees. During the court trial, one of Paltrow’s attorneys held up a real one-dollar bill to show the jury that only one dollar is what she wants!

Sanderson’s lawyers said that from a legal standpoint, suing for only $1 is kind of like what Taylor Swift did in 2017 when she sued a radio host for the same amount to bring attention to Paltrow’s fame. When asked if they were friends, Paltrow said no, but they were “friendly” with each other.

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