Gwyneth Paltrow Denied Mediation and Legal Fees in Ski Crash Lawsuit

by Joshua Brown
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Gwyneth Paltrow will not get back the money her lawyers cost her to defend her in a court case from a 76-year-old man at a fancy ski resort in Utah during 2016.

On Saturday, a judge in Utah made an official decision that showed Terry Sanderson, who had crashed into Paltrow, was completely responsible and must pay Paltrow the one dollar she asked for in her countersuit. The judge will now decide how much money should be given to the attorneys.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Terry Sanderson had a legal dispute after they crashed on a skiing run near Deer Valley Resort seven years ago. However, the court decided that Paltrow would not need to pay attorneys’ fees and Sanderson would not appeal the ruling, which means their legal battle is finally over.

Neither Paltrow or Sanderson was available to tell us how much the legal battle cost. Both sides have not shared how much they had to pay their lawyers, experts from different parts of America and, for Paltrow’s side, digital recreations of what she remembers happening during the crash.

Last month, the court battle between Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow and ski instructor Terry Sanderson lasted for eight days. This was one of the most followed celebrity trials since Johnny Depp and Amber Heard faced off last year. Sanderson sued Paltrow because he said she crashed into him while skiing and then just left without making sure he was okay. He wanted compensation worth more than $300,000. In Utah civil court you can use this amount as an evidence and make a long list of witnesses to testify.

Gwyneth Paltrow was sued by a woman, named Sanderson, who accused her of crashing into her from behind. But Gwyneth responded and sued back for just one dollar and lawyers’ fees since Sanderson’s intent was to get attention from Gwyneth’s fame. During the trial which happened last month in Park City, she testified that when it happened, she felt like someone was trying to attack her.

After coming to a decision, Sanderson’s lawyers were deciding if they should challenge the case or start a new one. Meanwhile, Paltrow and her lawyer both said that she was doing it more because of what she believes in and not just for the money.

Paltrow, who is the founder-CEO of Goop (a beauty and wellness company), stated that going along with something untrue could have ruined her reputation.

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